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Amazon echo shopping store? You're a trend


A few times James Helisek used his Echo Dot to buy something, it was an accident.

He referred to dog treatments to Alexa, and the voice assistant added those who were being treated to Amazon shopping. Do not realize what was done by Alexa, he added even more to the Amazon card the next time he had online shopping, along with some pantry items, leading to Buy two big boxes of snacks.

Preventing any other doggie treatments, says Helisek that he is not interested in making purchases through his hearing speakers this Black Friday and beyond. It's more comfortable to buy things on her laptop and phone.

"I'm just a kind of set in my ways," said the 31-year-old sign language translator for Philadelphia public schools.

Most customers are in the Helisek side, with only 25 percent of US smartphone owners using the devices to buy goods, according to Adobe. In comparison, 70 per cent play music and 64 percent ask for weather forecast.

But many researchers anticipate that innovative developments come to voice shopping, despite its shortcomings, such as the difficulty in explaining complex items. They say that the technology follows the same route as mobile shopping, which started slowly and now has a large channel for buying goods.

"The things that people have never been prepared to buy on a mobile device they buy on a mobile device," said Taylor Schreiner, leading Digital Insights Adobe's research department. "A [similar] it's likely that this will happen in a voice shop. "

If it happens, such a change would have a great deal of dependence on Amazon and Google, which has so far failed to have a voice shopping store, even with its huge resources, years of development and partnerships with retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart and Target. If the voice of the next big thing comes in retail, it would help Amazon to strengthen its leadership in online shopping and allow Google to become a stronger e-commerce competitor. The situation can also weaken any retailer who needs to ask those companies for permission to join the party.


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As the market grows, smaller-class technical giants can focus more on their voice, helping Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana and Samsung and Bixby participate in the all that new spending.

For customers, voice shopping could offer a simpler and faster way to buy things, and some time even provides AI that is smart enough and useful to speak by buying a complex. But we are not there yet, and that future may never happen. There is always the potential that voice shop will continue to be detailed, with constraints still going down.

Amazon said that millions of people are already shopping with Alexa to have enough needs.

"Alexa Shopping saves time for busy customers and their families to make shopping easier," said Amazon spokesman. "Alexa makes it quick and simple to rearrange a favorite product, answer product questions, add items to a shopping list or shopping card, check prices, shop shopping, arrange foodstuffs from the Foodstuff Market All or Amazon Fresh, distribute track packs, and more. "

Google did not respond to a request for comments for this story.


The Adobe survey of over 1,000 US users found a lot of shopping behavior using smart speakers.


Although there were few smartspeaker owners who said they were ordering things with the devices, Adobe's Schreiner said that if you dig a little deeper, there's a reason to be optimistic about voice shopping . At all, half the people Adobe examined They use their hearing speakers about "shopping behavior," he said, with product searches and research in the most popular activity, following shopping lists and price comparison.

This type of activity reflects the early days of mobile shopping, when most people would investigate or compare prices on their phones, but much less actually completed purchases. Most people still use laptops and desktop for purchase, but mobile purchases from Thanksgiving to Seber Monday – the busiest shopping year of year – have grown by 22 per cent of US sales in 2014 to 36 percent last year, Adobe said.

As hearing speakers increase, voice shopping should continue to grow, especially as these devices get people to talk more to their cars and cars, Schreiner added. There are now 53 million smart speakers used in the US, up from 27 million a year earlier, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

Ben Arnold, an analyst for the Consumer Technology Association, agreed with the Schreiner view, saying that a voice will become the fourth sales channel, along with bricks and mortar, online and mobile.

"What we have seen in our research is that there is an interest in voice shop, people who intend to shop with this holiday voice," said Arnold. "What will decide that is the quality of promotions."

Mother and word

Shopping courts are still young, so there are many reasons why it might fail.

Weeks ago, I sat down for an interview with Jonathan Scott, one of the exact twins that host the HGTV's Property Brothers show. He told me about their new online home goods shop, from the name Casaza, which will include new technology as an extended reality so that people can have an idea of ​​what a piece of furniture could look at at home.

It was much less interested in voice shop and had no plans to use on the site.

"Try to ask for a chaise lounge in turquoise with mahogany legs. It does not find it. It does not know what you're saying," Scott said for voice assistants in general. "Things like checking the weather, turning tools and lighting, lighting, it's great. Shopping for large ticket items? We've found most of our clients say no, it's not where they're comfortable again. "

Taro Scott is one of the many widgets of today's voice shop. Alexa and Google Assistant are not good in responding to complex applications, such as that chaise lounge. For the purchase of clothing that includes fit, color and material, these assistants turn out.

There are also problems when listening to shopping results. When asking for shoes or toothpaste, Alexa and Google Assistant talk only one item at a time, which tends to be a slower process than just looking at your phone or laptop.

Also, there is a harder shopping comparison between websites, making it harder to make sure you get the best price or pay the same as in your previous order. Alexa and Google Assistant are at times misunderstood simple orders, adding to the risk of buying the wrong thing.

However, the Amazon spokesman said that if customers want more details before buying them, Alexa will send the information to their phone so that they can complete the purchase using the Amazon app.


The new smart Echo Show smart display can make a slightly easier voice shopping.

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

Some of these problems are also being mitigated with smart displays, such as Amazon Echo Show and Google Home Hub, which is a combination of smart speakers and tablets, which came out in the beginning of last summer. With the help of the touch screens of the devices, users can see the lamp or pair of pictures that they want to order, they can browse more options more easily, and they are less likely to buy the item wrong accidentally.

Even with the challenges, traditional retailers are beginning to drop their roofs in voice shopping, with the majority experiencing simpler tasks such as shopping lists and they do not yet offer buying, which & # 39 ; n requires much more logistics and development, says IBM Exec, Karl Haller, who is consulting with major retailers about using new technologies.

He said that grocery retailers and consumables have been talking to her more about voice, while fashion retailers and big tickets have been less interested. It expects to grow voice shopping in simpler retail spaces, such as reptiles, and less so in complex segments such as clothing.

"I can not imagine how painful it would be for Alexa to describe three different OLED TVs for me. It would take too long," added Haller.

But at some point in the future, it's anticipated that Alexa and Google Assistant could be as intelligent as a skilled vendor and have a chat with customers to identify what they want to buy.

At that point, even someone like Helisek, the accidental voice shopkeeper, said he would be happy to use Alexa to buy.

"I'm a huge nerd, and I would be totally about something similar," he said. "I think it would really cool to have this kind of conversation."

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