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Alcatel 3 and Alcatel 1S Series: large displays, AI-well cameras, low prices

Alcatel and a TCL company are always committed to offering a variety of affordable devices, and this year is not different. In fact, the new brand has published a range of smart smart phones and a budget table that aims to offer all the basic features.

The Alcatel 3

The Alcatel 3 is the priciest model of today's line but this is the most striking one – both internally and externally.

The smartphone mid-range includes a large 5.7-inch Super display. This includes a HD + (1560 x 720p) solution with pairs with slim side bezels and a little aqueous note above the display that includes an 8-megapixel self-8 seater.

The back of the Alcatel 3 has been carved out of glossy plastic that makes it quite the magnet magnet. However, it is available in two flash gradient options that can be perfectly described by their names – Blue-Purple and Black-Blue.

Alcatel's latest device also includes a fingerprint scanner, Face Key background, and a dual camera installation that includes a 13 megapixel main sensor (up to 16 megapixel through software) together with a second-choice 5-megapixel. Both of them are prepared with a variety of AI improvements.

The Alcatel 3 is powered by Snapdragon 439 Qualcomm along with Android 8.1 Oreo (the Android 9 Piece update will reach the next quarter) and a 3,500mAh battery. Those who are willing to spend a bit extra can buy the smartphone with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM for € 189 ($ 214) in Europe. Otherwise, a 3 + 32GB model will be available for € 159 ($ 180). In both cases, the sales will start during the second quarter of the year, although there are no words on US release.

Alcatel 3 and Alcatel 1S Series: large displays, AI-well cameras, low prices

The Alcatel 3L

If the Alcatel 3 is too much for you, a slightly cheaper model called Alcatel 3L will be available soon.

Visually, this smartphone is almost identical to the regular model. However, instead of holding an Alcatel 3 glossy panel, a plastic panel includes Alcatel 3L that finishes the finish of "metal painting". The smartphone also loses the gradient finish in favor of two more basic options of the name Metallic Blue and Anthracite Black.

In order to cut further costs, Alcatel has also made a little downgraded internally by replacing the Snapdragon 439 with the Snapdragon 429. slightly less powerful. Similarly, this model is only available with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. The Alcatel 3L will also receive Android 9 Pie at the next quarter.

Like the regular Alcatel 3, this smartphone will be available for consumers to start C2 2019 and will cost only € 139 ($ 157) in Europe.

Alcatel 3 and Alcatel 1S Series: large displays, AI-well cameras, low prices

The Alcatel 1S

Alcatel 1S is free for free from Alcatel's smart smart phones.

This phone pack shows a smaller 5.5 inch display full with a 18: 9 aspect ratio that means a slightly thicker bezel above the panel and there is no window. Like the Alcatel 3L, it contains a back panel having carved out of plastic with metallic finish.

In terms of cameras, the front camera boasts a 5 megapixel solution. The back snapper, on the other hand, contains an advanced 13-megapixel solution that is interpolated to 16 megapixel through software. The 2-megapixel sensor also matches the last one, which helps with depth sensors and bokeh images.

Although the most expensive model of the crew, the Alcatel 1S boasts 3GB impressive RAM and 32GB of Storage. In terms of the processor, branded chips of octo-core Speadtrum that are clocked at a respectable 1.6GHz are present. There is also a 3,060mAh battery and Android 9 Pieces straight out of the box, unlike the other models.

The sales of Alcatel 1S will start in the second quarter of Europe. The smartphone costs only € 109 ($ 123) and will be available in two colors: Black and Blue.

Alcatel 3 and Alcatel 1S Series: large displays, AI-well cameras, low prices

Table Alcatel 3T 10

The final product announced today was Alcatel 3T 10, the latest brand new affordable tablet. As its name says, it contains a large 10-inch IPS display that is coupled with front dual speakers and a comparatively small 4,080mAh battery.

Like most of these Android devices, it's ships with Android 9 Pie straight out of the box and it also integrates a Google Assistant. Internally, there are 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. For some reason, the processor has not been able to appoint.

With these tablets, Alcatel focuses widely on the use of the media. So it is that it has created an optional Sound Station accessory that can be linked to tablets. It acts as portable speaker and can offer up to seven hours of unused music play. Media can also be played from external devices thanks to the 3.5mm jack, micro-USB port, and microSD card slot.

Those interested in Alcatel 3T 10 will be able to buy it later this year for € 179 ($ 203) across Europe. If the Sound Station is of interest to you both, it will be available as a bundle with tablets for € 229 ($ 259). Like smartphones, there is no word on the availability of the United States.

Alcatel 3 and Alcatel 1S Series: large displays, AI-well cameras, low prices

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