Wednesday , May 25 2022

5 football with movies


Soccer is not less than superstars in the world today. In what was once a job held exclusively by elite actors, peasants may be more famous today. However, that has not stopped some from trying movies and there are five football players who have made movie appearances in movies …

# 5 Pele (O Barão Otelo no Barato dos Bilhões)

Some claim that Brazil is the best player at all times. And while the debate about it never ends, what is his love to appear in films is impossible.

Former winner of the Brazilian World Cup, first on the big screen in O Barão Otelo nad Barato dos Bilhões, in 1971. It was not all that he was acting in 12 other films after that.

# 4 George Best (Percy)

Perhaps the most talented player was Manchester United, George Best had something to flamboyance. Its great look made it tailored for movies.

And he presented that opportunity itself in 1971. He made his own appearance in the Percy movie. The movie was the comedy genre and it was really hurt, which assumes how Best agreed to be in it.

# 3 Zinedine Zidane (Asterix In the Olympics)

Can you imagine that the largest football person (player + manager) can always be argued in fact in more than one movie? Yes, that's Zidane for you!

The French was not only the Goal film but also acted in a role in the French Film in 2008 of the Asterix In The Olympics, where Tony Parker, the NBA star also appeared.

# 2 David Beckham (Aim)

Another star of the old Manchester United who has a look at God's beauty of beauty, David Beckham is the most iconic football personality in terms of marketing.

Beckham is available in a number of advertisements and on billboards, but he rarely appears in films. However, he took an exception as it appeared in each of the three Goal films, with a significant increase in the screen time with each movie passed from the series.

# 1 Neymar (xXx: Xander Cage Return)

In terms of marketplace, Neymar is one of the highest dogs in the game at the moment. This is one of the reasons why Brazil became the most expensive player at all times when he moved to PSG.

Hollywood made use of this global appeal by throwing it in a cameo alongside the Great Bad Mother **** despite Samuel L. Jackson, which was all continuous along the scene while Neymar listened to him without having an idea of ​​what was actually going on.

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