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124 Spider Stars Abarth is Shaggy and Sting's latest music video


Jose Altoveros / Sting, FCA November 16, 2018 17:47

Sting and Shaggy drive down Miami at Abarth 124 Spider

When watching music videos, one of the key features we often see is the leading role players who drive in cars or SUV luxury and sedans. However, Shaggy and Sting have decided to choose something more, sedate & # 39; for their latest music video. To be specific, both are seen driving in Fiat 124 Spider Abarth in Gotta Get Back My Baby music video for the 80s off their collaboration album 44/876.

In the music video, Spider is taking on the prominent role as the trip to Sting and Shaggy, which is going to portray two Miami detectives. To complete the Miami couples look, both were convinced of their Captain even they were going to need the Spider. Overall, the music video has a 80a and 90th theme, and it's a classic TV series and movies like Sub-Miami.

Although the 124 Spider Abarth does not have the same power as the startup of Lamborghini or Ferrari copper, it's sure that the job is just as good when you want to wander with the top down in Miami as which can be seen in the video.

124 Spider Stars Abarth is Shaggy and Sting's latest music video

This is not the first time Shaggy and Sting and Fiat-Chrysler Association (FCA) work together on one of their music videos. The two previously used in Saep Wrangler Sahara for the other music video units, Do not Make Me Wait, came out of the same album.

"We continue to strive for the unexpected in our marketing efforts in all FCA brands and, certainly here, the FIAT brandy fun personality gives us the opportunity to be a bit more committed and curious in our approach with & # 39 music partners. Fiat 124 Spider Abarth is extremely honorable to play the role of chatting for such legendary and incredible artists as Sting and Shaggy in their latest music video, "said Olivier Francois, Marketing Officer and FIAT Brand Head of FCA.

Watch the full music video of Shaggy and Sting posted above.

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