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Who is Rocío Calderón, Nadine Heredia's friend is involved in the Lava Jato Case? | Politics


The role of Rocío Calderón Vinatea, solicitor and friend of the first wife Nadine Heredia, in the money laundering scheme from illegal contributions to the National Party It has become clearer to the prosecution. Calderón would have served to receive deposits which as final beneficiaries would be former President of Dutch Humala, Heredia and the National Party.

The prosecution has collected a set of evidence to detail Calderón's participation in receiving and complaining illegal money from Venezuela and Brazil. The relationship of friendship between Calderón and Heredia comes from adolescence and was reinforced when the lawyer became a witness to the marriage of National Party leaders.

During the Humala government, Calderón was a member of the board of directors of the State Contracting Agency. In addition, in August 2011 he won a public competition called by the presidential office to work in the Directorate General of Welfare and Social Action. He had no competitors in that competition. After that, Calderón became a legal adviser to the Presidential Office, with a salary of S / 15,200.

The former officer will be investigated under a limited appearance order. According to the prosecutor's office, Calderón recorded expenses for US $ 354 thousand between January 2011 and March 2015, expenses not related to your income. Alleged heritage imbalances are investigated

– Money laundering cases – t
In the first case, the prosecution noted that Venezuelan, Kaysamak, had transferred US $ 18,923 to Calderón in 2005, from a bank in New York. Calderón deposited US $ 2,500 into Heredia's account.

Before the Lava Jato Congress Commission, Calderón confirmed that the transfer was not for services, but that specific contributions were made to the National Party and the friendship that I had with Nadine Heredia. "

In addition, in 2009, Holland Humala and Nadine Heredia would have met Valfredo De Assis, then manager of the construction company OAS in Peru, in a department in Miraflores. At that meeting, Heredia would have asked for a contribution from US $ 10,000 monthly, according to the protected witness 101-2019.

De Assis would have asked Heredia if he had someone that OAS could sign a false contract for him to contribute to his campaign. Heredia would have offered Rocío Calderón to perform that function. Two days later Calderón de de Assis called and signed the contract for a period of twelve months.

Eliminating the taxes paid, Calderón gave him US $ 9 thousand monthly, according to the charge filed by the prosecutor Germán Juárez against Heredia and Humala. This figure is squared with the annotations made by Heredia in his notebook.

In 2010, the contract would have been extended for a further six months. Calderón would have been a contact during the entire period of this relationship. According to the prosecution, Calderón would not have provided services to the construction company.

– Using the resources –
The prosecutor's charge Germán Juárez claims that the contributions to nationalism are not only used in the 2006 and 2011 election campaigns, but also for the rise of Humala-Heredia's heritage, and that "another is still hidden." valid from Rocío Calderón to hide the money.

The prosecutor's office found expenses incurred by Heredia for value US $ 38 thousandI've paid with the extra credit card to be extended by Calderón. The first old lady would have used that card to buy jewelery, dresses, purses and other items.

In his defense, Heredia said that 70% of the purchases he made with that card were "commissions" for Rocío Calderón, and the rest of it. "I had to make a trip to Europe and told me that she wanted to look after things, and that was where the idea came from. The card, then, under her approval, I also started using it for some personal expenses. T and family I have been amortized, "Heredia said.

In 2015, Calderón recognized that it was a "stupid risk" to extend an extra line of his credit card to Heredia, although he denied irregularities in purchases made with him.

In June of that year, the Ministry of Public Security captured Calderón and his mother Lourdes Vinatea Milla in the Banco de Credito. There he got tickets by US $ 44 thousand and jewelery is appreciated in it US $ 10,000. The bank documents collected show that Calderón has always visited the secure deposit box, and made small contributions to his bank account.

-Other Brazilian Meetings- t
Tracy Joseph Reinaldet is a lawyer on behalf of UTC Brazilian construction company Ricardo Pessoa. He said in Peru, Nadine Heredia "acted through a friend", in an interview with the IDL-Reporting portal. He said that this friend was Rocío Calderón and that he had traveled to Brazil to speak to Pessoa about a "possibility of possibilities".

According to the lawyer, the meeting was held in 2012 and José Dirceu, one of the founders of the Brazilian Workers' Party, joined Calderón. On that occasion, Calderón denied the meeting.

Zaida Sisson, consultant company Galvao Engenharia and wife of former minister aprista Rodolfo Beltrán met in April 2013 with Calderón to talk about a water porter his Ecoarki company offered to the Peruvian government. According to Sisson's evidence, she met Calderón because she was told she saw social inclusion issues.

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