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WhatsApp It is one of the most widely used applications in the world. This can be found in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, etc. However, if the application you downloaded is in another language, then these are the steps you should take.

While WhatsApp It adapts to any device, depending on the language you use, sometimes you have to make a series of configurations to get the application in your everyday language. What to do?

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The program currently has a suite of tools that its users like, such as the possibility to send photos, videos, GIFs, animated stickers, Word or PDF documents, among others.

Although the possibility of color change is still awaited, WhatsApp It has a series of settings that you should consider before downloading, such as changing the language. How to do it:

  • The first thing you should do is enter your mobile’s Settings.
  • After doing this, you should go to General Administration.
  • In this section you can see Language and input.
In this way you can view WhatsApp in case you want to change the language.  (Photo: MAG)
In this way you can view WhatsApp in case you want to change the language. (Photo: MAG)
  • In that window you have to press Language
  • There is a language add and choose the one you want such as English, Spanish, French, etc.
  • When you’re done, open WhatsApp and you’ll see it in the language of your choice and that’s it.
  • If you want to return to the previous language, follow the steps we mentioned.

The best 7 WhatsApp tricks

WhatsApp is one of the few applications that worries about the experience of its users when immersed in its app, that’s why they update frequently, making communication between people more practical and simple. However, not everyone knows how to get the most out of the popular application.

1. Hands-free voice notes: By holding down the microphone icon and sliding it up, you can lock the voice memo function for recording, without having to hold the mobile phone with your hands. A wonderfully working option!

2. Mark the main messages: To get this option you have to use the “star” message function, where you mark up key messages that you can easily see in a central location. All you have to do is press the message you want to save as a favorite and then touch the “star” icon.


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