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Waldir Sáenz: “I think that group split after what happened with Bengoechea” | Lima Alliance | revtli | ANSWERS


Waldir Sáenz is a historic scorer Lima Alliance, but he is also one of the most loyal supporters of the La Victoria team. After the fall, ‘Wally’ was not quiet and in this interview with Trade He spoke about the management of the Blue and White Fund. He also expressed his disapproval of the technicians in charge of the club during this year.

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Sáenz also referred to the split in the cast which resulted in the objectives being set not being achieved and thus losing the category.

How much did you suffer after defeating Alianza Lima against Sport Huancayo?

This came already before, I think Alianza Lima started to get complicated since he brought in Mario Salas and gave the club the coup de grace by removing ‘Chicho’ Salas and giving Ahmed. Those two people put Alianza in the position he is in.

Why do you think Alianza Lima didn’t respond in sports?

That is due to the arrogance of their coaches who transferred to the coaching staff and players. They will already show their faces and tell fans why Alianza Lima is in League 2. As ex-players, we have always been willing to work together for Alianza Lima’s benefit. If they (management) didn’t consider it, that’s out of our hands.

So, did you talk to a member of the team to ask what was wrong?

That is another matter. I work for the FPF, I went to Alianza Lima to supervise and I talked to them about a separate issue (refers to Butrón and Cruzado) but Alianza had a coach, so it’s difficult for Leao or Cruzado coping with things. I’m sure they as leaders gave the Alliance everything to place, but it wasn’t enough. But as I told you someone can talk; However, if they aren’t listening to you, what can you do?

How difficult will it be for Alianza Lima to play Second?

Second-class teams don’t have much money. They try to do the best with what they have, so League 2 players favor playing in Lima. When I played in 2009 at home and away there were disastrous courts. Except that Alliance 2 has no agreement with an airline, you had to probably travel. It was complicated and the Boys’ leaders at the time had the illusion of going up and doing everything possible so that the team had no pay and we could travel by bus or plane best.

What do you think Alianza Lima leaders have applied for Licenses to adhere to League 1?

In terms of sport we have proved to be in League 2 because 9 points we have not scored any points and in football we deserve to be Second. If the other thing is there, that there are teams that they haven’t complied with through the football rules and for that reason they have to take points away, that’s another matter, but Alianza Lima did not have the qualities to be in League 1.

What should Alianza Lima do next?

They must all resign. Remigio, Bermúdez, Farah, Torres, Salomón Lerner, Almejo, Posada and all the people they have brought. That they leave the organization with people who have the ability to seek out talent and who, above all, love the club, putting itself in the best interests of the organization so that it returns to where it deserves to be. Following a legacy before, where we fought titles and achieved important things.

Do you think someone from the squad should stay in Alianza Lima to return to the League?

This is not about forcing anyone. Anyone who feels they have a commitment to the League is welcome because that will save them. You have to see who wants to face this challenge in League 2 and from there form the group to return to League 1.

Do you think former referees Alianza Lima should be in charge of next year’s selection of players?

As I repeat, there must be people from the house, people identified with Alianza Lima, as they have always tried their best.

But wouldn’t they accept if the Blue and White Fund offered it to them?

They have to step aside, because they know that they have done things wrong and that they have led Alianza to where he is now. I believe they should resign for ethics.

Do you think it was a mistake to remove Gustavo Zevallos from the team?

What about Gustavo Zevallos it was a smoke screen. In four years with Alianza Lima he had a title and two subtitles. They held him responsible for all the bad decisions they made pulling Gustavo out.

With all of this experience, the biggest hitters are you as former players and fans …

We, as former players, have been lucky, when we wore the Blue and White, we let go of everything and achieved important things. That is why the anger and pain we have.

And you, as former players, have asked the Blue and White Fund for explanations as to why the club was abused?

They have not had contact with us. They only got in touch on the Friday before the game with Sport Huancayo. I think the thing has already been done to fall. Furthermore, Alianza was not reliant on himself, he had to wait for the results of two teams and everyone thought it would be favorable, but look what happened.

The next few years coming to Alianza Lima are going to be very tough, right?

So, too. 2021 and 2022 will be tough for Alianza. Next year he must make every effort so that 2022 is in League 1. And the following year he must reform again to face the championship and then think of an international tournament.

Why couldn’t a good performance be maintained with all the comforts and talent that Alianza Lima had?

Why I think, after what happened with Pablo Bengoechea, that group split. He had no commitment, he had no sports shame, he had no reaction in difficult moments. There were two leads where one was in the arc and failed to do anything. The other was sometimes playing and sometimes not. After Ballón and some boys, the rest never pushed the car to one side.

And it’s there in complex situations where the commitment to the club is shown

If it is not passed on by its leaders or the coach, there are few possibilities of trying your best. Football is collective and as such it must be confronted and we did not know how to handle it.

Finally, that League 2 is played in Lima, do you think it might favor Alianza?

If it’s like this year, I think so, but it’s not Lima Alliance believe that because you are going to play in Lima, you have the championship in hand. Playing in Second is complicated. Alliance has to go slow, to be able to reach the objective without any problem. That is why they must already plan everything and see the logistics to dedicate themselves to the work of the players alone.

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