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Viral Facebook: A woman has dressed her daughter like Dj & # 39; and stimulate debate on the social networks of the USA Face | Fb | PHOTOS FIDEO Y Fasnach Social Networks | Facebook


In New Year's Eve, it's a great surprise to any friends or relatives every year with fun stunning. This year, we have seen anguish that catches terrorism, others trying to provoke laughter and, also, we are finding this mother, who steal thousands of users on social networks. In the social network Facebook I've seen it video where this woman turned her daughter Blake to Dj Drooly, the most tender of all the babies who appeared in clip viral. Users did not take much time to reproduce the audiovisual material by millions until it became popular in all walks.

Would you hide your baby as in the video o Facebook? This question was asked by all the followers who saw the clip viral. The inventive idea of ​​this woman has, in the first instance, received a good reception in social networks with positive comments for the mobile scene.

On the other hand, criticism was also facing the mother about highlighting her daughter Blake to that extent. The debate was in the comments viral video o Facebook who published the "I Love Electronic Music" page, which was responsible for filing what users of the social network said.

This viral history video o Facebook It happened in the USA and it can be the same as many people. Brittany Wyant and her husband came to small Blake parents in early September and wanted to spend Halloween celebrations in their own style.

According to the account in FacebookBrittany and her partner, young, live the first few weeks as parents and know that Blake would not be desirable to have a nanny to go out and meet friends. Having resigned from this decision, they decided to do something different at home.

Brittany, helped her husband, cloned boards and some turbines to pick up a kind of Dj console, which hangs the mother's throat and has Blake in the cangŵl . In this way, the girl could spend on her first Halloween as a real hockey Disc.

The great idea was taken and it had to be portrayed for a moment. Apart from the dozens of photos taken as a family, Brittany proposed her husband to record and video and jokes on YouTube account. What they did not imagine was that the clip would be viral in Facebook.

Electronic music lovers were responsible for reproduction in their pages from Facebook and the hearts that were squeezed. Y video Beginning and in the background is the "Get Up (Rattle) Extended" song by Bingo Players ft. Far East Movement.

The woman is dancing to beat the adhesive music and her daughter, Blake, is his wife. Memory that both will keep a lot of affection in their first celebration with traditional Halloween. Without planning, yours video family came to be viral in Facebook.

Y video o Facebook I've been loaded three weeks ago and here viral with 2.6 million reproductions, 46,000 reactions and 55,000 splitting among users surprising social networks.

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