Monday , January 17 2022

Vallejo left a big problem for Juan Aurich Sports


The debt of 50,000 soles Juan Aurich has dragged since he has been involved in the last Division, since the Cienciano del Cusco club, who competes to have to compete Third time in the Second Division, expects the Justice Commission (CJ) punishing the Chiclayo cast, leaving it out of the competition.

As it is known, this claim was submitted by the University of Cesar Vallejo a few days ago, which CJ must talk about this week.

Before that, in Cusco everyone is on the notice, since having been sanctioned for Juan Aurich, Cienciano cast immediately consented to the quadrangle at the exit.

However, the Association of the Second Division announced the official timetable, devoting the party for the third place on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. m. in the urban stadium La Juventud de Chongoyape.

In fact, the preparation of both teams remains as it should be, but all of this can change if the Justice Commission determines a ruling against Juan Aurich, as it would be deleted.

It is worth noting that the winner of the key for the third place between Juan Aurich and Cienciano will be added to the homer by two places of promotion before 2nd and 3rd Peruvian Cup coupled with the loss of the final Division of the Second Division .

This squad will be played in Lima from 8 to 8 December.

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