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Trump Sanctions on Iran: Will the Democrats take a dial?


After breaking the nuclear agreement to sign with the United Kingdom, France, China, Russia, Germany and the European Union, the Democrats could force him to change it foreign policy

November 9, 2018

One day before the elections in the United States A new series came into force sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, after the president Donald Trump he decided to break the unanimous nuclear agreement signed in 2015 by Barack Obama in conjunction with the United Kingdom, France, China, Russia, Germany and the European Union.

At the press conference on November 5, the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, justifies this situation again by saying that "Iran's Republic is the power of the Destabilization of the Middle East" for its interventions in Iraq, Yemen and Syria, and because it is a threat to the United States and Israel.

In general, the sanctions are not surprising, as Trump does what he promised during the election campaign, although the UN Security Council has confirmed the agreement.

The first series of sanctions came into force in August and is now being sought affect oil exports and prevent Iranian banks from making transactions allowing foreign currency to enter, mainly dollar. The main idea of ​​the White House is to disconnect Iran from the global financial system. The international financial services provider – better known as SWIFT for its acronym in Belgium, announced the decision to prevent access from several Iranian banks to their service. The SWIFT case is a good example to understand how There are a number of companies between the rock and the wall when evaluating sanctions imposed by the United States.

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If they do not comply with White House provisions they will be punished by Washington, but if they comply, they are liable to penalties from the European Union that did not breach the 2015 agreement. France is one of the most affected countries because Iran is a very important French market with more than 15 companies based in the place and more than 1,000 companies that # 39; n export their products; of the total oil company for the Renault and Peugeot automakers, who have been producing many models associated with the Iranian Khodro-related major Iran since 1962 and has resist all the internal political swings.

Iran's Islamic Republic has no means of pressure to turn the course to Donald Trump. But the president may have to adjust foreign policy from his own lower house, as the Democrats have recovered most in the House and can appeal to institutional mechanisms to put pressure on it. Of course, they would not do it for the Iranians, but it could be a way of stealing a Trump on trying to get rid of an agreement that cost Barack Obama to sweat and tears. Y the first time the dial will not be used as a political tool.

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