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Top 20 gadgets in 2020


2020 is nearing its end, and it’s time to review what are the most interesting launches of the year in the world of technology. Doing this kind of agglomeration is complicated because it’s a fact that we were surprised by more than 20 gadgets this year, but these have been our favorites.

The order of the list does not reflect that one tool is better than another, but they are organized by logic categories.

We will not go over their specifications in detail, but why they earned a spot on this list.

1- The Zero

Samsung surprised us this year with the Zero 2020, a screen that not only stands out for its design, ultra-thin frames, image and sound quality, but its main attraction is the possibility of manually rotating the screen to Set it in a vertical position and enjoy better vertically recorded content.

This is taken advantage of by sharing our phone’s screen to the TV, so we can watch Instagram or TikTok videos on a huge 43-inch screen.

2- Galaxy S20 FE

Undoubtedly the best Samsung Galaxy with a cost / benefit ratio, and one of 2020’s most interesting phones for its performance, camera and autonomy, and which is also an excellent opponent of the iPhone 12.

Samsung was fine with a phone of these features and price, but especially with a team that also promises to have 3 years of software updates.

3 – Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

Like the S20 FE, one of the phones that surprised us with its quality / price ratio this year was the Mi 10T Pro, which has just arrived in Mexico and offers excellent performance, a camera with good results, incredible autonomy and lifting technology cruel fast charge.

4 – iPhone 12 Pro

The reason the iPhone 12 Pro is here and the 12 Pro Max is that while the Pro Max is probably the phone with the best battery life in 2020, the 12 Pro is a much larger size comfortable to the phone. For most consumers, the autonomy is also spectacular and the differences in photography between one model and the other are almost discernible.

If there’s an iPhone we liked a lot, it’s the 12 Pro, this is despite the fact that those who already have an iPhone 11 Pro won’t find major differences with the previous generation.

5- Panasonic RZ-S500

Panasonic surprised us this year with some top headsets with spectacular active noise cancellation that have nothing to envy the AirPods Pro or the Sony WF-1000XM3.

The most pertinent thing about these headsets is that their sound quality is incredible given their size, and they are the best sound of the whole range of in-ear headphones we tested during 2020.

These headphones also have Alexa, but they also work with Google Assistant and Siri.

6 – Sony WH-100XM4

Sony has done it again with its premium over-ear headphones, though it has an impossible name to pronounce and remember, still the best bluetooth headsets on the market. This new generation is not a great step from the previous one, but missing things are added and the ones we already loved are maintained.

Comfort, autonomy, possible cable use, cruel noise cancellation and good sound are still in the DNA of the Sony WH-100XM4, but the possibility of listening to Hi-Fi music in Bluetooth and the power to ‘ w connect to 2 devices from at the same time.

7- Huawei FreeBuds Studio

Huawei also launched with high-quality over-ear headphones, which also stand out for their active noise and sound cancellation, but what has captivated us is their comfort, as they are undoubtedly the most comfortable headphones we’ve tested this year.

Another big success is that they can be used with two devices at the same time and offer fast charging technology.

8 – Roo Stream

The integrated soundbar with Roku has also been one of our favorite gadgets in 2020. Not only because it allows you to enjoy Roku directly from the soundbar and without the need to invest in a TV with Roku OS or streaming device, but because its sound is surprising for its size.

We already made it clear that the only thing missing to be perfect is better bass, but in everything else it’s an excellent sound bar that also offers Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and is compatible with AirPlay 2, HomeKit and can be connect it to Alexa and Google Assistant.

9- Go Surface Laptop

After years of waiting, the Surface finally arrived in Mexico, historically Microsoft’s computers have been among the best in the market in terms of build quality, and it’s something we’re highlighting from the review of the Surface Pro X. However, in this list. Enter the Surface Go, which is a great bet against the MacBook Air, also stands out in its build quality and design, and is significantly cheaper than most Surface on the market.

It’s a computer that will undoubtedly more than one fall in love with when using it.

10 – MacBook Air (M1)

And speaking of computers that surprised us, we also have the new MacBook, which is basically the same exterior of every generation, but whose major change is the ARM-based M1 processor.

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This processor has proven to be better than the ones we saw from Intel, and has the advantage of offering lower energy consumption and being able to run iOS and iPadOS applications on the Mac.

11 – MacBook Mini (M1)

The Mac Mini is the same case as the MacBook Air with the M1 chip, but it’s the cheapest of the new generation of Apple computers, and also offers, in fact, excellent performance if it is on this list that’s because we haven’t found a single computer for the same price that offers superior performance.

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12 – Apple Watch SE

Cheaper Apple Watch is what we’ve been waiting for for years, and while Apple has removed some features we saw in Series 6 like measuring blood oxygen, but it has basically kept everything that has done the Apple Watch the world’s best-selling smartwatch.

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True, to take advantage of it, an iPhone is necessary, but for all iOS users who don’t want to spend a lot of money on the new generation of Apple Watch, they can bet on the Apple Watch SE and get a great watch to compliment the use.

13 – Huawei Watch Fit

Huawei has achieved the perfect hybrid between smart band and smartwatch, and the result is this Watch Fit that stands out for its autonomy of up to 10 days of use, its very good rectangular screen and tactile response , which includes measuring blood oxygen and stress, and also offers various video-integrated exercises so as not to rely on another exercise application.

14 – Fitbit Sense

The Fitbit Sense claims to be the most advanced health watch in the world, and that is it, which is why it appears in our top gadgets in 2020. The new version of Fitbit OS feels It’s much more fluid, and functions like measuring stress are very useful.

On the other hand, the watch has recently been updated to be compatible with Google Assistant and also to allow calls to be answered directly from the smartwacth, making it a balanced team between health measurement and multimedia functions.

15 – Quadcore Huawei Ax3

While it’s not the only modem we liked, it’s the one that impressed us most because it includes Wifi 6 and Wifi 6+ technology, although the latter is limited to Huawei devices.

One of its best functions is the possibility to connect our phone to the router from NFC and without having to write or pass passwords. It’s also important to note that you can create a Wifi mesh network with another router from the same family.

16 – HyperX S Quadcast

The microphone we like most for recording is the HyperX Quadcast, and this year we launched an improved version under the name Quadcast S. which has no spectacular improvements, but that doesn’t mean it’s still the best microphone for recording content. .

This year’s S version only integrates RGB light and USB-C port, but otherwise we’re talking about the same microphone, quality and functions.

17 – Xbox S / X Series.

We couldn’t put aside the new generation of Microsoft consoles, nor did we want to separate them because both were very interesting and offered a great gaming experience for different types of audiences.

The X Series stands out for its power and the ability to play in native 4K and with up to 120 fps, while not neglecting the possibility of getting into play with a re-rating to 8K.

The S-Series has a lower resolution, but doesn’t skimp on 120 fps, and its price is very interesting for those who want to bet on the new generation of consoles and not spend a lot of money.

18 – PlayStation 5

Sony has also done a great job for this new generation with a powerful console that can also offer games in 4K at 120 fps. But one of the things that surprised us most about the PS5 is its DualSense control with haptic technology, which offers a more immersive experience in next-generation games.

19 – Amazon Echo 4th Gen.

This year saw the arrival of the fourth generation Echos, and we not only loved the new round design, but they also offer better sound along with spatial acoustic technology that matches the sound depending on where we are installation.

alexa-turn-2-years-in-mexico-and-that's-how-she's evolved

The best thing about this is that its price is still quite competitive, making it one of the most highly recommended smart speakers in 2020.

20 – Doorbell 2020 Video Ring

At the time we rated it as the best smart doorbell for those who want to start building a smart home. Ring is very popular with this type of product, and its price is far more affordable than the price of other branded doorbells, making it a highly recommended option.

1000 920

Plus, this doorbell has all the functions you need to protect, and its new copper color will make it perfectly match the door of your house.

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