Tuesday , November 24 2020

They think the Hantavirus case has "fully managed" – Télam

Associate director "Esquel Program Area" Chubut's health ministry, Jorge Elías, ensured that the cases of hahabavirus claiming 11 lives and reported 34 positive cases in the Chubut Mountains were "totally controlled", although there were 32 people remain isolated, with 10 of them in Epuyén – where it started – and the rest in the El Maitén precordillerana area.

Elijah remembered that they had a dialogue with Telam that "the last case that proved positive outside selection isolation was in December 26 and since that date no other cases were reported and that is why we appreciate the measure taken not to allow transport from positive or suspicious people because otherwise we would talk about dozens of deaths. "

The sanitarian said that "the study carried out by the Malbrán Foundation was able to decide that, after studying the complete sequence of the genome, there was a mutation of stress, which had more intensity and transferability" in the case of the "Andes" hauntavirus variety typical of the area.

The only predecessor that exists in the region refers to the crisis that was as important as the town of Río Negro El Bolsón, 50 km. north of Epuyén in 1996 where 18 positive cases of patients who were infected by interpersonal contact were reported, unlike this until the only possible way of transferring through secrets & # 39 ; the mouse "colilargo".

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