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They confirm that metal is solid and liquid simultaneously Technology and science Sciences


A team of scientists confirmed that an exotic material condition existed so far it was nothing more than a theory. Using a program artificial intelligenceit was discovered that there was a stable period of metals combining atoms in solid configuration and others in a liquid state at the same time. The results were published in PNAS magazine.

The structure is formed by applying a huge pressure and high temperature to block a potassium, although the researchers suspect that at least six other chemical elements may have this condition, including sodium and bismuth.

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"If I could hold it in my hand, I'd be a firm piece of pressing a liquid part of the same material," said Andreas Hermann, a condensed physicist at Edinburgh University, Scotland.

"The material is stable. You could put it in a colander and it would go through the pores in its liquid form, but then it would be able to reconstitute a firm part on the other side," he adds.

In everyday experience, it was found that a material can only be solid or liquid, such as an ice cube, when it gradually changes. However, the new state, which has to be called 'Situation has been melted by chain & chain; (in Spanish it is translated as "a combination of chains"), exists in a wide range of conditions; It is not in the process of fusion or firmness.

Although it is complex that the discovery can be applied to the technological sector, as it could not be subject to so much pressure or at such high temperatures, scientists believe that they now have an instrument to understand material and natural changes. , such as those produced by decomposition of meteorite or bullet effect.

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