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The problems that the Huawei operating system could face | Technology and science Sciences

After the veto set by the US and kept by Google and other giants of the technology industry, Huawei it could give you the best to use the same version of Android as their devices have to install in recent years t, which would force the company to take their phones to other options like open versions of Android or even their own operating system.

This last option was raised in the last few days as an option for the manufacturer to leave Google software in the past, however, to determine this "b plan", as it has been called by some experts, It can bring other problems to Huawei and that will eventually be reflected in the usefulness of its customers.

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While the operating system is essential for using a smartphone and has the basis for installing the apparatus that seems normal part of people's lives at the moment, so third party applications have such an important value. . a this is where Huawei could have a problem.

Many of the apps currently used by users are not created by the companies behind the operating systems, but by other giants of technology or even by other users with program information. Among them you can list important platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Netflix or WhatsApp, among many others.

If none of these networks or systems are available, many users could choose alternatives where they can use the tools they already know about new apps that this operating system can offer them.

Other details that could prevent this option are, when this year began to reveal the details of a possible operating system that Huawei was developing, t There was talk of starting a platform that wouldn't be ready to be shipped to the market either.

Considering this, the company could speed up the process of building the software, but that could also bring problems to the final product that has to be installed on the devices.

For the time being, Huawei has specified that all telephones are being marketed they will keep Android as the basic software and they will have access to the security updates and the basic services that we offer.

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