Sunday , January 23 2022

The Ministry of Education reiterated the refusal of a project that allows the return of teachers without a title Peru


Education Minister Daniel Alfaro reiterated her dismissal to the bill passed on Monday by a majority in the Congress of Congress of Education that provides for the replacement of temporary teachers withdrawn from the educational service because they did not accredit a professional title or pedagogy.

O Ayacucho, the ministerial cabinet member said that if the above initiative had to endorse, he would affect the meritocracy promoted by the Magistrate Reform Law, and he called on Senedd to reflect at the moment being debated in Plenary.

Alfaro Paredes warned that she would have to automatically replace 14,000 teachers with the approval of the norm, and she had the opportunity to gain a pedagogy degree for more than two decades and entering the Public Learning Career, but not they were. "It would be detrimental to the quality of education our children receive," he said.

He also considered that the meritocracy would be affected, "because they would draw 14,000 places for teachers preparing each year for appointment exams."

He remembered that people without pedagogic degrees had temporary teaching jobs in remote places, in 1984, who took almost decades to gain their degree, but they were not. Despite this, the Ministry of Education called for an exceptional appraisal for these teachers. Of the 14 thousand indoors, the rest of the educational service were removed only by 5,600 registrants and 546 and the test was passed.

So Daniel Alfaro helped the congressmen to refuse this bill and give the child the best interests in front of the benefits of adult work.


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