Saturday , May 28 2022

The Elektra chain of stores is withdrawing from the Peruvian market


The Elektra store chain is leaving the Peruvian market, a fact that, according to sources in the sector could “see it coming” after the less-than-optimal situations the company has experienced in recent years.

Elektra had 60 stores in the country, and Grupo Salinas de México’s company has closed the majority, and the few that remain open are removing their goods.

“The sale of Banco Azteca is one more indication that (Grupo Elektra) is leaving the country. Having shops without banks is not logical, “said one of the sources consulted by the Gestión newspaper.

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This is due to the long quarantine this year which ended compounding the unfavorable position that had been registered in recent years in the Peruvian market.

During its 24 years of presence in Peru, Elektra only achieved a 5% share in the home appliance business, moving more than s / .6 billion a year at the retail level.

According to Grupo Elektra’s annual report to 2019, Peru – its only retail operation in South America was the country with the most competitors, 17 in total, including department stores.

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