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The condom had to say its truth and was said!


Before starting our sex life, we get advice from our parents or our friends and then regret the results. However, when you have a first moment of intimacy, there are a lot of questions rising, but if you and your partner have sex, there is nothing to protect them. better than a condom used in the right way.

It is important to know that condoms not only prevent unnecessary pregnancy, but also in terms of sexually transmitted infections. That's why in the market there are different brands for our protection, that is where Prudent condoms do their job, because they just don't go with you to enjoy sex, but also to experience a new feeling.

But, did you know that there are some myths about condoms? Below we will show you some situations where many people refuse to use them. That's why the condom has something to say and said:

Mito1: "It's pressing me"

More than a legend, there is a very common excuse not to use them. The condoms are quite elastic and they also come from different sizes, even to those who claim to be “gifted”.

Myth 2: "I don't enjoy it the same" t

Condoms do not reduce sensitivity, but if you feel that this happens to you or something that happens to your partner, there are thinner and equally resistant condoms. which can help you find pleasure, like the Ultra Sensitive that Prudence offers. And if the opposite happens and look for more stimulation and texture, don't give the best to experiment with Corrugados condoms, the brand offer promises to take you to levels of pleasure you don't yet know .

Myth 3: "They are not safe, viruses go through it"

Absolutely false. Condoms are one of the best methods to avoid spreading sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Myth 4: "No mouth is needed on the mouth of the mouth"

Remember that Chlamydia or Herpes can also be passed through oral sex. To make it safe, fun and pleasant there are flavor preservatives that can help you live a different experience, for example the Strawberry Studberry version.

Myth 5: "Using double condoms is safer"

NO! Latex friction with latex is dangerous and can cause the condom to break easily.

More about lean condoms: t

The Prudence Preservatives is the leading brand in sales in Latin America and new members of the category in the Peru market. Lean is a DKT product, a company that supports social projects and NGOs in family planning and STI / AIDS sexually transmitted infections worldwide. By buying them, you not only protect yourself but you also help fund these projects.

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