Monday , August 15 2022

The classic graphic adventure under Sky Steel publishes a sequence


The 1994 game signed by Revolution Software will continue 25 years later.

On yesterday's day we introduced Apple Arcade, the iOS video games service and Mac of Apple itself. Platform you can know all the details in that connection, and announced beyond Sky Steel, a new graphic adventure from Revolution Studios appearing on Apple smartphones, on PCs and on consoles not yet identified.

This peculiarity, and that is a conclusion that you will have reached after observing its name, is that it is a direct progression to the incredible classic graphic adventure under Sky Steel's same study. A memorable work, launched in 1994 and shining for its good narrative, its careful sense of humor (a special mention of the interaction between its protagonist and the little robot that goes with him) and also for his beautiful locations designed by the same Dave Gibbons, author of CIC Watchic aesthetics.

The new video show is about embracing the spirit of the original graphic adventure but, at the same time, it also offers great characters in three-dimensional environments and puzzles and much more sophisticated barriers.

"It's been many years, but Sky's Ben-i-Steel fans are still extremely loyal and passionate, and they have continued to demand continuity every year," said Charles Cecil, head of the study. "Large and diverse audiences play the graphic adventures, which enjoy the mix of history and puzzles. Our approach has been to write an intelligent adventure that is intuitive to play and you don't need any information about the previous game than we hope to build a version to update from 1984, which is said through that medium which is the graphic adventures ". t

Ms am: Beyond Sky Steel.

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