Tuesday , August 9 2022

Sofia Rocha: Velatorio is held on Tuesday in the Ministry of Culture


Unexpected departure of the Peru actress Sofia Rocha Who stands out in his theater, film and television work has caused excitement in culture From the country From 9 in the morning, followers of the memorial translator "A los 40" will be able to give him the great fun in the Sala Nasca del Ministry of Culture in San Borja.

Sofia Rocha was in rehearsals for the play " tLow pay"C.C. of the Universidad del Pacífico, while the day before,"The dog's curious event at midnight"


Azcurra Rocha He stood out for his invaluable career in theater boards, as well as in cinema and television sets. His training was based on the Teatro del Sol group, the Umbral workshop and the LAMDA workshop. In 1994, he took part in the television series "The Above and the Below", "The One and the Others", "Everything is sold, everything is bought" and "scandal".

His successful career continued in 2006, when under the direction of Roberto Ángeles acting in the play "Antigone"; and then recorded the film "The Watercolorist".

To perfect his acting skills, Sofia Rocha traveled to London (England), where she took body language courses at London's Academy of Music and dramatic. On his return, in 2010, he starred in the Greek tragedy "Medea"Directed by Gisela Cárdenas.

Between 2011 and 2012, he took part "Blood from Flowers", "La Pasión", according to García Lorca, "La cura en Troya" and "El Lenguaje de las Sirenas", under the direction of Mariana de Althaus. On the big screen the film acted "Time 40", Bruno Ascenzo, who premiered in 2014.

Also, take part in the last issue from the Performing Arts Festival – FAE Lima 2019, in the national work "All the Dreams of the World".

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