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Saved by the bell: What happened to screaming and why it’s not part of the new series | Dustin Diamond | Retained by the Bell PLAY SPORTS


The sequel to “Retained by the Bell“(” Saved By the Bell “, in its original language) arrived on Wednesday, November 25 in Peacock in the United States and although part of the original cast was part of this revival, an important absence was felt from the beginning : Screech (Dustin’s Diamond).

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What happened to Screech? Lisa’s eternal squeeze was last seen in Bayside more than 20 years ago. Also, he doesn’t attend his alma mater’s annual fundraising gala, which is why only Zack, Kelly, Slater and Jessie assemble, discovering a time capsule.

As for the location of Screech Powers, it is revealed in the middle of a conversation between Slater and Jessie. The first mentions that he and his robot Kevin are on the International Space Station, which is currently rotating 248 miles above Earth. So yes, he couldn’t come back for the reunion.

Dustin Diamond and other main characters "Retained by the Bell" (Photo: NBC) (Photo: NBC)
Dustin Diamond and other “Saved by the Bell” stars (Photo: NBC) (Photo: NBC)


Although for fans “Retained by the BellScreech is a beloved character that Dustin Diamond was unlikely to appear in the sequel because of his reputation. In 2006, the actor starred in a pornographic video called ‘Screeched: Saved by the Smell’.

In 2009, a book called ‘Behind the Bell’ was published, in which Diamond accused his fellow players of marginalizing him, accusing Mario Lopéz (Slater) of being active, Mark Paul Gosselaar of being an egomaniac, other members of the cast of using drugs and having sex on set.

Of course, this caused his former colleagues to turn away from him and deny everything. While Diamond made sure the text contained data he never revealed, the damage had already been done, Lifetime even made a movie based on that book.

In addition, as TVLine recalls, in 2015 an actor “Retained by the Bell“He was sentenced to four months in prison for stabbing a man in a Wisconsin bar. He was released after three months for good behavior, but after breaking his probation, returned to prison for two days.

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