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River Plate beat Godoy Cruz 3-1 at Avellaneda | INTERNATIONAL


River Plate vs. Godoy Cruz live online clash for day 6 of Group 3 of the Diego Maradona Cup at the Libertadores de América Stadium, this Saturday, May 29 from 7:30 pm (Peruvian time). The transfer of one of the most attractive games today will be hosted by FOX Sport Premium Argentina. To watch live football like this game, you have different alternatives for streaming service and television channels.

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River vs. Plate Godoy Cruz: match schedules

México – 6:30 pm

Peru – 7:30 pm

Ecuador – 7:30 pm

Colombia – 7:30 pm

Bolivia – 8:30 pm

Venezuela – 8:30 pm

Chile – 9:30 pm

Paraguay – 9:30 pm

Argentina – 9:30 pm

Uruguay – 9:30 pm

Brazil – 9:30 pm

Spain – 1:30 am (Sunday, December 6)

River Plate is the leader of the series, with 12 points, a four win product and a draw. With this, the ‘Millionaire’ will be among the first two jobs, whatever happens with the duel the second will star with 10, Banfield, and Rosario Central.

While winning the renamed Diego Maradona Cup is one of the aims of River Plate, the circumstances mean that it gives the Libertadores Cup more importance, a competition that is already in the quarter-finals and will be measured with Nacional of Uruguay.

Right away, thinking the first leg is on Dec. 10, River Plate coach Marcelo Gallardo will choose to deploy a team with regular substitutes. For example, the experienced bow will be guarded by the experienced Enrique Bologna.

In the line-up presented by River Plate, there would also be defender Javier Pinola, the player who has registered the most minutes since the competition resumed, after the mandatory break due to the coronavirus pandemic,

Godoy Cruz no longer has a chance to fight for the title, but will be in the Delivery phase. In the table, the ‘Tomba’ is last with just one unit, the product of the tie against Banfield and four falls.

In 2020, River Plate and Godoy Cruz have met twice, and both times won the ‘Millionaire’, with scores of 1-0.

River vs. Plate Godoy Cruz: likely alignments

River Plate: Bologna, Moreira, Sosa, Pinola, Angileri, Zuculini, Ponzio, Carrascal, Álvarez, Pratto and Girotti.

Godoy Cruz: Ibáñez, Ferrari, Goñi, González, Pérez, Elías, Ábrego, Ojeda, Tesuri, Badaloni and Burgoa.

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