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Redbus is launching a "best price guarantee" campaign


RedBus is starting a campaign to increase confidence in electronic trade. The company will repay customers who find a cheaper ticket in the terminal or on a web page.

REDBUS, the leading platform for the sale of online bus tickets, launches the "Best Price Guarantee" campaign aimed at increasing confidence in electronic trade in the Peruvian public.

During this campaign, RedBus will repay the difference in the price of a specific ticket if a customer arrives to find the same ticket at a lower price, either in a terminal or in another website. If verified, the amount will be deposited in the redBack that is associated with the user account, which can be used in subsequent trips.

"In redBus, we believe that there is a need to be proactive and work to create more confidence in electronic trade," said RedBus Peru Chief Executive Officer Hassan Bourgi. "Many people still have suspicions about the safety of transactions, so we have to show them our goodwill," he said.

According to a study by Kantar Worldpanel, only 38% of the Peruvian people (about 4 out of 10) have searched for an online article, or in particular, especially in parts A and B. In the context This is the company trying to democratize online sales in the C and D parts through the platform.

Users can review the terms and conditions of this campaign on the redBus website (www.redbus.pe) a app.

Electronic Ticket

In addition, the company announced that RedBus customers today will be able to use the electronic ticket. This system will allow customers to go directly to the bus and save the queues on the terminals.

All consumers will receive their electronic ticket directly in their emails or cell phone, and will be available for online consultation up to 2 years after the issue. For Bourgi, this will help boost the financial formalization of transport companies.

Discount from Cybers

Also this month for Cybers and BlackMonday, RedBus will still offer attractive discount coupons during the two Cybers that take place in November in our country.

Interested parties can buy tickets with this offer via the redBus website (www.redbus.pe) and a mobile application, with the possibility of enjoying the other benefits such as paying online and paying cash, more time savings, avoiding shopping stress and separating the seats of the Most of them accommodate the user.

"We have reaffirmed the July campaign as leaders of travel and tourism. Now we are aiming to innovate and continue to improve the service we offer to our customers," said Bourgi.

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Author: Antonio Paredes – Date: 11/06/2018

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