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Qatar 2022 Qualifiers: World Cup will be played in South America FORMAT | DATES | SQUARES CUPOS | Total Sports

I Qatar 2022, the last World Cup to be played as we know now, will keep the figure of 32 class teams, with it, the continent's national teams are thought of being among them. .

In South America, despite the fact that the upcoming Copa América from Brazil 2019, we are also considering what the qualifiers, and more in the Peru team, will be trying to repeat its global presence after going to Russia. 2018, gaining a qualification later 36 years of age

Russia 2018Brazil
Peru *
Brazil 2014Brazil **
Uruguay *
South Africa 2010Brazil
Uruguay *
Germany 2006Brazil
Korea-Japan 2002Argentina
Uruguay *
France 1998Argentina
* by revalidation
** organizer

When do the Qualifiers start?
As the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be played between November of that year, the Qualifier calendar had some variations.

Last January, Conmebol agreed that the Qualifiers will start in March next year. It became official a week ago. Four double dates will be played: March, September, October and November. By 2021 the other five double dates will be played, in the same months before June.

World Cup playoff games have been dated to March 2022, eight months before the tournament in Qatar.

MarchDate 1 & 2
SeptemberDate 3 and 4
OctoberDate 5 and 6
NovemberDate 7 and 8
MarchDate 9 and 10
JuneDate 11 and 12
SeptemberDate 13 and 14
OctoberDate 15 and 16
NovemberDate 17 and 18

November 21 am
December 18


What is the format?
With the presence of the 10 national teams in South America, the format did not change because Qatar 2022 will be played with 32 teams. Therefore, the form of the distribution from France 1998 will be maintained.

It will be played as it is, for everyone's round trip against everyone. Therefore, each team will play 18 games, 9 locally and 9 more.

What will change is the tournament's game. This has already suffered a variant for Russia 2018 and for Qatar 2022 a raffle is held again to determine the role of games on double dates. This prize draw will be held alongside FIFA

Number of options from the Confederation
Africa (African Football Confederation – CAF) t505 seats
Asia (Asian Football Confederation – AFC) t474.5 quotas.
Europe (Football Societies Union)
– UEFA) t
5013 places
Central America and the Caribbean (North American Confederation,) t
Central American Football and the Caribbean – Concacaf) t
423.5 quotas
South America (Confederation of South America
Football – Conmebol) t
104.5 quotas
Southern Isles (Welsh Football Confederation) t
Oceania – OFC) t
140.5 places

How many options are you eligible for?
The seats will be 4.5 for the Conmebol, that is, the first four achieve the direct distribution and the fifth is going to re-select.

The theme has not been restated to be defined yet. This has been a change in the last Qualifiers. Peru had to face the Oceania representative, New Zealand, for Russia 2018. For Brazil 2014, Uruguay was measured against Asia's representative, Jordan. It was the same 'charism'; Costa Rica faced the Concacaf to advance to South Africa 2010 and to Australia (Oceania) they were lost for Germany in 2006 and won to reach Japan Japan 2002.

For the Mexico-Canada-United States World Cup 2026 will distribute 48 teams, so Conmebol 6 will have a direct place.

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