Sunday , January 24 2021

Puente Piedra: Sisters who were raped as a group gave their horrific evidence | Photo 1 of 3 News

They broke their silence! The two sisters denied that they had been dumped and sexually abused by at least four subjects at the hostel "Casa Blanca Suite", in the areaStone Bridge , told Sunday program some details of what happened.

They said that they had left home because of a commitment they had had in their cousins' homes. One of them called her boyfriend and asked her to stay close to her, so that she would not return home alone.

However, the subject got into trouble with at least three friends. He told them that his mother had thrown him out of the house and was staying in a hostel. The young girls decided to go with him.


The gang sisters were raping their staggering evidence. Video: Latina

At the hostel, the subjects gave them a “soda” drink which also contained alcohol and probably some narcotic.

"I take her and her too. After seven minutes, she made me sleep and lose consciousness completely," said one of the girls.

She said that, when she woke up, she found a man on her, while a second watched. He then saw his girlfriend leave a room with another subject. After entering, her sister became unconscious.

"Every time I close my eyes I think they are there," said the young girl. "I'm ashamed to go out, because all the neighbors already know. I can't go to school either."

It should be remembered that the authorities said that four of the accused had been arrested, including a minor 15 and another of 17. Others had escaped.


The gang sisters were raping their staggering evidence. Video: Latina

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