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Peruvian Coronavirus LIVE | Figures and news on day 265 of the state of emergency, today Saturday, December 05 | Covid-19 | Ministry of Health Minsa | Pilar Mazzetti | revtli | PERU



Similarly, users in the study room can only stay for a maximum of three hours, while in the Media Library, the time is reduced to an hour and fifty minutes. Featured at the Greater Lima Public Library is Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (Find out more here)


To attend these rooms, An appointment needs to be booked through, where the data of the person using the space, and the date and time of their presence, should be set. It should be considered that the entity will only allow 10 minutes after the agreed time for entry, as it is possible to separate one shift per day, per room.


The Greater Lima Public Library reopened the Study Room and Media Library on December 4. To promote reading and access to information, the BPL reduced capacity to 50%, following the state-recommended health and safety protocols.


Greater Lima Public Library is restarting its face-to-face service


Also, the organization noted that it had detected the presence of driveways containing boxes or items for sale, which causes displacement to be blocked by other routes, causing crowds and posing a hidden danger in the event of a seismic movement. Alcohol is also not provided for hand disinfection. (Continue reading here)


The Ombudsman’s Office reported that after a tour of Central Market areas and Redonda’s Mesa sector, as well as the streets around Grau Avenue, she was able to check that people entering the premises commercials do that without taking the temperature.


In various commercial areas in downtown Lima, minimum security and biosecurity measures are not achieved. This was warned by the Office of the Ombudsman when urging the capital’s commune to take appropriate action.


The Ombudsman warns of a lack of security measures in commercial areas of Lima in the city


“Reported in some cases of beneficiaries of the General Family Bonus (BFU), assigned to the Cellular Banking collection method, who, after subtracting the 760 soy subsidy through the Bank’s channels, had an extraordinary amount of moneyhe read the statement.


The National bank He reported that temporarily suspend the Cellular Banking service for s / 760 collection of the General Family Bonus (BFU) after some reported incidents this morning.


Cellular Banking service has been suspended for the collection of General Family Bonus S / 760


In a statement, Miners Health Promotion director Alexandro Saco said The objective is to contribute to closing gaps in health strategies affected by the pandemic. The first intervention of these units occurred in the community of Shipibo-Konibo, in Rímac, where the mapping and health campaign was conducted. (Find out more here)


There are a total of 5,500 community health committees for the early arrest of coronavirus (COVID-19 has successfully formed the Ministry of Health. This aims to prevent serious human consequences as part of a possible second wave of the above disease) .


Minsa has 5,500 community committees for the early detection of COVID-19 and the prevention of second waves


The last inspection was in the province of Chupaca, where nine pharmaceutical establishments, located in the Argentine Av, Jr Rufino Echenique and Jr Miguel Grau, were interrupted. (Continue reading here)


This work was done through the Directorate of Medicines, Supplies and Drugs (DEMID) in 14 joint operations conducted in the provinces of Huancayo, Chupaca, Jauja, Satipo and Canchamayo. All this with the support of the Peruvian National Police and the corresponding municipalities.


70% of the 44 pharmacies operated by the Regional Health Directorate (Diresa) in Junín throughout the year 2020 lack a health authority.


Junín: 70% of the pharmacies operated by Diresa did not have a health authority


The Peruvian Medical College (CMP) reported through its website that since the start of the national crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, a total of 248 doctors —113 in Lima and 135 in the inner regions of the country — have lost their lives because of COVID-19. Find more information here .


CMP: 248 doctors have died and another 62 remain in ICU due to COVID-19


This Sunday, December 6, nine months have passed since the first COVID-19 outbreak was discovered in Peru. With more than 36 thousand deaths, about 970 thousand infections and a potential second wave of outbreaks, experts recommend exceeding caution. Find more information here .


COVID-19: this is the first aid kit that you should not miss at home to avoid infection


“There has never been such a complex logistical problem in Peruvian history, then we have to record who was vaccinated, who is going to receive the second dose, how to persuade people to get vaccinated, despite the utmost warnings remote that some people do. Against vaccines ”, Sagasti noted.


In a dialogue with RPP, Sagasti noted that when the first vaccines arrive in our country, one of the problems will be persuade people to dose them, due to the statements of some congressmen who indicated that the vaccine against COVID-19 would alter DNA.


President of the Republic, Francisco Sagasti, reported this Saturday that our country and the Government have a major challenge on the issue of vaccines against COVID-19, because there are many logistical issues that must be met in a short time.


Sagasti: “We must persuade them to get vaccinated against COVID-19 despite wild warnings”


At a press conference, Lucchetti Rodríguez said the Health sector will only prioritize doses for children under 5 years to complete their vaccination schedule. He added that Minsa’s goal is to vaccinate 164 thousand children nationwide.


Aldo Lucchetti Rodriguez, the Ministry of Health’s director of public health strategic interventions (Minsa), this Friday reported the third National Vaccination Day against diphtheria and other diseases It will be held next Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 December.


Vaccination against diphtheria and other diseases is only for children under 5 on 12 and 13 December


The rule was approved after 88 legislators voted to release them from a second vote. The motion received 11 votes against and 16 abstentions.


The Republic Congress, through the virtual plenary session, with 97 votes in favor, approved the new text of Bill No. 5905 and others (No. 5992 and more), guaranteeing access to preventive and curative treatment of COVID-19 Disease other diseases.


COVID-19 vaccine: the law guaranteeing access to preventive and curative treatment has been approved

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