Thursday , October 6 2022

Pedro Chávarry Mercedes Aráoz: "The use of the Prosecutor's Office in a political way is an offense"


Vice President Mercedes Aráoz has accused the Nation's prosecutor, Pedro Chávarry, to use this institution "in a political way". This is included in a constitutional complaint in the case of the allegation of the negotiations of votes in the Congress to avoid the vacancy of the vice president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in December 2017.

Msgid "Person who uses & # Prosecutor Politically, he does a criminal act and that is a thing that can not be (…) If I have to vote (by law), he is threat to my vote, it's a really dangerous attitude, "he said. RPP News.

The official congressman believed that the word allegation was trying to scratch the four suspects against Chávarry who were waiting to review in Sub-Committee on Constitutional Cases.

"It seems very clear to me, whenever I make a statement or ask for a suspension, the man instantly acts with a document where we are accused, I am subject to any prosecutor because I am assured of my accuracy, but this is a serious damage to the rule of law, here there are no guarantees to any citizen, "he said.

Aráoz insisted that she was subject to "any investigation"; However, he asked that he had not had the right to defend. He also denied that there was a vote purchase to avoid the vacancy against former President Kuczynski.

"We were trying to convince congresses not to leave by saying it was an irregular issue, I'm talking to many congresses that bring problems from their region, but there is no deed of buying voting illegal, "he said.

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