Find out who the actor was who was initially called to play this famous doctor.

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By Gabriela Trujillo

Wednesday 02, December 2020 03:00


Actor Patrick Dempsey undoubtedly identified those who have followed the Grey’s Anatomy series closely with his role as Derek Shepherd, which is why seeing him back, even in dreams, in this season 17, has been a joy to the loyal fans who have followed each of his chapters closely, but what many don’t know is that he was not raised as the main character in the series portraying innumerable medical dramas, but is another actor its identity we reveal here.

This is the actor who was going to play the role of Derek Shepherd in the season 17 episode of Grey’s Anatomy

This story was characterized by having a large number of actors and actresses who have marched through the various seasons. Some have been so iconic that they are still waiting, while others have decided to put the plot aside to dedicate themselves to other projects that have allowed them to show their multilateralism, but, no doubt, so far no one imagines that Dempsey was not the first. option to play Dr. Shepherd, but actor Isaiah Washington.

He was heard in the casting to keep the role, but the impending departure of the doctor character
Preston Burke, who was awarded to another actor, made Washington more in tune with this role and that’s when Dempsey is completely left with this iconic performance by being called directly by the production. However, the team of filmmakers had already rejected the idea of ​​Isaiah taking over the lead in the series, having been called for other projects.

In fact, his departure from Grey’s Anatomy was excused by an unexpected trip to Switzerland where he had to find the Klausman Institute of Medical Research, where he would look after everything related to heart health and thus not show the emptiness. who quit after becoming famous for being fired in 2007 after insulting Theodore Raymond Knight (George O’Malley) with a homophobic phrase in an off-camera argument.

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