Saturday , May 28 2022

Martín Vizcarra announces his intention to apply with Somos Perú to the Republic Congress


Former Republican president Martín Vizcarra announced Friday night his intention to bid for the The Congress of the republic, by the political group Somos Perú.

In statements i Nothing is said o RPP News, the former president assured him that he had been invited by the president of that party, Patricia Li Sotelo.

“Yes, I’m going to apply (…) We have spoken and received a formal invitation from the president of the Somos Peru party“Said the former president.

According to a letter sent by the leader of that group, Vizcarra Cornejo will lead the Somos Peru candidate list to the Legislature.

The former president said he analyzed in detail the possibility of running for the Legislature, after the A constitutional court declare the eligibility claim for the first vacancy bid submitted by your Government unacceptable.

No immunity for ongoing investigations

When asked if, with this decision, he sought to exploit parliamentary immunity from the ensuing investigation, Vizcarra claimed that the pre-administration investigative processes do not include immunity, so if elected he would ‘ n continue to attend the process against him.

“I am attending the inquiry into the equivalent prosecutor’s office and I will continue to serve them throughout the campaign process and if elected with the support of the population I would continue to serve this”, He noted.

The former president also said that one of the flags of his campaign will be to reform the concept of parliamentary immunity, which he considered impractical for some legislators.

One of the flags I want to carry in this election process, to be delivered in Congress if elected, is to completely reform the concept of parliamentary immunity. The Republic Congress cannot have used parliamentary immunity as parliamentary punishment, ”he said.

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