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Manage money to support dengue Mario Rivas ward


San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Y cases of dengue they continue to increase despite the cleaning and fumigation operations carried out by the health personnel, which remain in the alarm zone.

So far this year is reported in San Pedro Sula 2,197 cases of dengue, of which 1,333 are serious and 864, are serious, according to the data discussed by the Metropolitan Region.

In the week epidemiological number 17 (first week of May) there were 95 cases dengue non-serious and in the following (from May 6 to 11) 49 patients were registered, representing a 65% reduction.


Homes have been threatened in San Pedro Sula of the 144,251 who have organized during the operations carried out by the Intersectorial Health Board.

Although they were serious during week number 17, 51 patients were counted and 49 were number 18; representing 18% less, but, despite this fall, we continue to get its alarm.

Lourdes Estrada, director of the Health Region, said they had managed money to support the crisis due to the large number of people affected by this viral disease, due to dengue fever, especially in the t Mario Rivas Hospital.

"The Ministry of Health managed an important contribution to IDB funding (Inter-American Development Bank) to support the crisis we have in dengue, particularly in Mario Catarino Rivas hospital. 39, and Estrada said.

At Miguel Paz Barahona's health center, a clinic was set up to care for sick people with arguments, with the aim of relieving congestion. Mario Rivas Hospital. This works from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm and has a permanent doctor.


Due to the controversial epidemic, 27 people have already died in the country, according to the information provided by Dr. Gustavo Urbina, director of the Department of Health Surveillance Department.

Luisamaría Pineda, an epidemiologist at Mario Rivas hospital, said that 2,487 patients had been treated at the hospital so far this year, most of whom were minors. In 2018, 907 patients were treated for this virus.

According to Pineda, the health center spends around 1,000 lempiras a day in each patient with dengue and between 5,000 and 10,000 when transported to the Intensive Care Unit.

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