Monday , July 4 2022

Lynx: He complained that he was threatened with paying places and a day later he was shot on his way to his home | VIDEO TO PHOTOS Picture 1 of 2 | News


Terrible! A civil engineer who said he had received threats to demand quotas, died this morning in the 7 block of Emilio Althaus's tear, Lynx when strangers shot him.

Two subjects aboard a linear motorcycle fired three times against Edmar Quiñones Avila (49) when he was about to go into his truck to go to his home, América Noticias said.

According to neighbors, the victim tried to defend himself with his weapon while running, but on the way he disappeared. Firefighter staff and the police helped him to move to the Ricardo Palma clinic, however, the body arrived because of the severity of the injuries.

According to the referenced media, Avila Quiñones He was told of a possible assault on his life, as the police said he had filed a complaint on Monday Monday at the police station in Caclacayo.

He said he was threatened by two subjects in front of his daughters to insist on him paying places. Everything happened when the minors moved to their study center.


They murdered shots to the engineer after receiving threats so that he met payment quotas (Video: Channel N) t

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