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Luciana Fuster to Austin Palao at Válgame Dios: Macarena Gastaldo leaves the model in a bad form because of his relationship with Emilio Jaime. Latin | Fighting | This is a war Shows


Your model does not like it. After the public separates this Warrior member, Austin Palao and Luciana Fuster, several realities have talked about the statements Miss Teen gave about the athlete, who noted He was treated badly and even let her alone the street to be able to accompany her friends.

In the program, Válgame Dios, led by Rodrigo González and Gigi Mitre in Latina, before-out of the model Austin Palao He was present and gave a statement that will surprise more than one. Argentina and former member of Combat, Macarena Gastaldo, that a few years ago, he was trying to get a relationship with the warrior, but both chose to continue as friends.

austin palao

He added that the year 2015 comes out and kisses each other. actions that would have been seen by their peers in the competition programs. I 'm cameras & Válgame Dios & # 39 ;, Macarena Gastaldo He explained that "she was first" in Palao's life and she thought it was a "codes" defect on behalf of Luciana Fuster try "have a friend with the ex friend", referring to singer and fighter Emilio Jaime.

Argentina said she had no problem with Emilio Jaime, but did not agree with the decision that made after the romance between Luciana Fuster and Austin Palao.

Men's part reality

After separation Luciana Fuster and Austin Palao, some of his colleagues have spoken, leaving evidence that they disagree with the exposure of the break, while others did not welcome a face for one of the characters.

As you remember, they were both for several months, but everything came to an end and the hidden details of the storm romance began to come to a clear. Today, each one told his version about the end of the relationship causing an opinion on bullying.

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