Friday , May 27 2022

Luciana Fuster responds strongly to Austin Palao for provoking it to be illegal


Very blink Luciana Fuster answered loud and clear to Austin Palao, who said he felt betrayed by the fighter and Emilio Jaime, his best friend. According to the pre-combat, this would be the first time and the last time that it's talking on the topic because it "does not like show programs".

After its statements, Luciana Fuster responded to an incredible instagram on "Instead, I found that I just wanted cameras and" followers ". Do you want to lie to let me get wrong? tell you truth so you can see how bad you are without having to lie. "


Also, the combatant explained that he was never illegal to Austin Palao. "Let lovely people be clear: I never take my feet off the plate in my connection (I will not go down). They will already know everything I've been suffering," added Luciana Fuster.


Austin Palao and Emilio Jaime

In his statements, Austin Palao revealed a chapter seven or eight months ago between Luciana Fuster and Emilio Jaime. According to the pre-combat, this would have caused his disorder. Everything would have happened because Emilio Jaime would have told his partner then: "If you're going illegally to Austin, let him be with me".

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