Saturday , May 28 2022

Luciana Fuster and Austin Palao danced a romantic song to the rhythm of salsa


Álvaro Rod and Farik Grippa performed live the song “We are two” which made all the competitors dance.

Álvaro rod Y. Farik grippa return to the set of This is war to perform the song “Somos dos” live to salsa rhythm. Luciana Fuster Y.Austin Palao They took advantage of the moment to dance the romantic song with their companions on the set.

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Alejandra Baigorria was another member of the program who was very excited to hear the theme that characterized the love between Camilo (George Zlebiand Ines (Maju Mantilla) the soap opera I’ll find you again.

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Luciana Fuster made an unexpected promise to Austin Palao after winning the circuit

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