Sunday , December 5 2021

Karla Tarazona's Isabel Acevedo: "I can not respect her because she did not respect my house" VIDEO | Picture 1 of 4 | Shows


Strike back! Karla Tarazona said she was against abuse and violence towards women, but in the case of Chabelita & # 39; she could not respect her.

"What's happening is that they misinterpreted my comments. They asked me what I was thinking about the mickey mouse, I said they're very little called on a mouse Little then the mouse until he reached the mice, and from there to a pig (laughs), that's why he was the comment, but he would never refer to anyone, everything to her ", Karla said.

Then would you never speak sick about a woman?
There are women that I respect. I am against violence towards women, but in my situation I can not respect someone who did not respect my home.

Many people criticize you because you talk about your children's dad …
Certainly, that is, someone behaves badly and they should go out and say: Everything is happiness, everything is fine and put the star forward as good fathers. But I do not like that, I have always been a sincere and clear person. When something is fine, I'll say it, and when it's wrong too. I have never been a hypocrisor, I always say things with half a head, because I'm the right thing to say as they are. I do not have to hide anyone.

Monica Cabrejos was one of them?
My girlfriend, I do not have time to promote other people's events, leave it. That is promoted on its own, as no-one answers, he has to kidnap another, but it was wrong with me, I have never answered and I am not interested in doing so .

Do you ignore it?
It makes me happy that my friends are happy, as with my friend Sara Manrique and her pregnancy.

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