Thursday , August 18 2022

Juventus vs. Atlético de Madrid: Massimiliano Allegri mentioned his defeat for the Champions League


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Juventus Italy could not have a positive result in their visit to Spain and ended down 2-0 to Atlético de Madrid for the first leg of the Champions League. In this regard, Massimilano Allegri worried about overcoming Vecchia Signora & # 39; and highlights the cast of the Pole's cast.

"The team was playing well, the game was difficult, they gave a very little, and in the second half, we focused on the circulation of the ball, we threw it, and we tried it, it must we set aside this game, prepare and play championship matches and prepare for the return, "said the Italian coach.

The negative image that Juventus left at the Wanda Metropolitan stadium was consulted, Allegri He mentioned that "You must see who you are playing against." Atletico, for eight years, has all the teams that play against him play badly.I swear"I play with a presumption, to play against Atlético you have to be patient and bad".

In addition, the 51-year-old strategist added "El Athletics It's different to all the teams. On Sunday, Real Madrid was wrong twice. When playing against Athletics there are no great occasions. In soccer, you do not know, everything is changing. They make you play bad and make the game slower. The objector deserves something. When we do what Atlético does, it is said that the catenaccio & # 39; Italian is done. They are very strong. In Trefin, we will have to make a game more detailed and faster. "

With goals from Uruguayans José María Giménez to Diego Godin, Atlético de Madrid beat Juventus or Cristiano Ronaldo and hopefully seals his trip to the final quarter finals of the Champions when he visits Turin on March 12.

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