Thursday , September 29 2022

Instagram: The girl Paolo Guerrero and Tula Rodríguez play an emotional moment in the Insta networks | Javier Carmona | Picture | Shows


Through Instagram, the TV host Tula Rodríguez is not welcome to share his emotion with all the followers, because he shows emotional moment that his daughter lives next to Paolo Guerrero, who has shown his heart.

As you remember, the Peruvian player is in the country where the cameras of the fans have been caught on more than one occasion. First, he showed his dedication to the Lord of the Miracles and at this time he appeared with the little girl of a host And on everyone's lips, who was more than happy.

In InstagramTula came quickly with a photograph, highlighting the player's disposition to take the picture. Thanks @ guerrero9 for a willingness to take photos with my daughter and friends! I'm sorry for the crush of my tract, almost left you with no air, I was a huge Hahaha, "he said in the social network above.

According to what is expected, his followers did not ask me to respond, highlighting the reaction of the little girl, who did not welcome her collection with power and looks very happy for the camera, transferring her happiness which proved when I met with the idol.

Paolo a Tula

As he has remembered, Tula and her little girl are currently having a hard time due to illness Carmona, who has survived a heart attack and today is still being observed for his interesting situation, so the driver has broken in more than one opportunity alive.

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