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Instagram: Alejandra Baigorria and Vanial Bludau make a sexual video during their sailing tour in Miami | This is a war Fighting | United States Chollywood Shows


Alejandra Baigorria traveled with her sweetheart, Arturo Caballero, i Miami (United States) to spend a beautiful weekend surrounded by the beach, the sun and sand. A visit for the member of this is war & # 39; It was the perfect moment, as he did not hesitate to meet again with a close friend and former partner of the reality show Fighting & # 39; and enjoy a fun trip to your love company.

Once again, Alejandra Baigorria and Vania Bludau showed that their friendship was still intact despite the distances they separated, as both recalled those times when they took part in the youth reality & # 39; Combat & # 39; and I've been prompted to make funny video.

Everyone moved to wear a bikini sexually to the rhythm of Harlem Shake, a song that became an internet phenomenon based on videos viral The emotion of both Vania Bludau was to give him almost the gamarra's young business.

This clip was part of Instagram Alejandra Baigorria Stories, and wrote the following text for it. "#tbt #harlemshake as in the old days".

In another video Alejandra Baigorria shows what Vania Bluda is, her boyfriend, and Arturo Caballero They are preparing to eat.

Just a few minutes ago the member was encouraged. That is war. to share photos of a reunion with a dear friend and to give a nice message.

"Friendship, no matter how cold it is from a distance, keeps you from the feeling, it's nice to see you, Vania Bludau, remembering beautiful moments, I love you miguuii".

Video Alejandra Baigorria is shared on Instagram

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Alejandra Baigorria

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