Thursday , May 26 2022

Implement a new order to eliminate kidney stones


The medical procedure known as Nephrolithotomy Percentage was performed for the first time at the Tarapoto Specialist Hospital.

This procedure contains an invasive minimum procedure for the destruction and removal of kidney stones through a small pool through the skin, without the need for a conventional break.

The intervention was carried out by Juan Martín Díaz Pérez, who was involved in the urologist Freddy Pacheco Rivedeneira, Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen Hospital in the city of Lima. They, together with a group of trained anesthetologists and nursing graduates, operated surgery that lasted about two hours, with no major complications.

After this intervention the patient will have a recovery time faster, the aesthetics will not be affected because there is no large break of breeding, the bleeding is much lower and the patient can leave high in 48 hours to continue to recover from your home comfort.

The Tarapoto Specialist Hospital continues to operate in the care and biomedical process to provide better care for patients using health services.

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