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(UPDATE: The US decided to postpone until mid-August the ban on technology exports to the giant Chinese technology Huawei, according to the Department of Commerce. A document of that portfolio states that it was decided to postpone this deferral so that Huawei and his partners have time to "maintain and support existing networks and equipment that are fully operational". , including software updates. ")

US decided on Monday to postpone until August 19 the ban on technology exports to the Chinese technological giant t Huawei, as published by the Department of Commerce.

A document of that portfolio shows that it was decided to postpone the postponement so that Huawei and its partners have time "to maintain and support existing networks and equipment that are currently fully operational, including software updates."

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As was recalled, Thursday, May 16, US Department of Commerce added the Chinese company and another 68 entity to one black list export, which makes it almost impossible for the company to buy products manufactured in the United States. Although this measure has been postponed, Huawei is still on the list of entities that have been banned from doing business with USA companies without a prior authorization license.

Also, the agency Reuters on Sunday it was reported that Alphabet Inc.. Google postponed business Huawei requires the transfer of hardware, software and technical services, with the exception of those available to the public through open source licenses such as Google Play.

On the other hand, the agency Bloomberg He revealed on Monday 20 May that US manufacturers of US technological components or headquarters to the Chinese company, such as Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom or Xilinx, state that they will donate; best to provide the company because they are in the black list.

In the first quarter of this 2019 Huawei second among smartphone manufacturers, behind Samsung and before Apple.

When talking to them The Trade, Huawei explained that the technology, before the restrictions in the US market, will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all its devices (smartphones and tablets) that exist in our country. (With knowledge of AFP and Reuters)

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