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Chinese telecom giant Huawei, before the announcements give the best to the updates Android on their phones, it could develop its own operating system, Google and Apple's competitor, with the tough challenge of persuading programmers and users.

Two world number in the smartphone market was captured in the trade conflict between the US and China.

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-[La respuesta de Huawei tras la decisión de Google de cortar los lazos entre ambos]

After the restrictions imposed by Donald Trump administration, Google – whose Android system gives the overwhelming majority of smartphones in the world – announced on Sunday that it would cut links with the giant Chinese. Washington agreed after a period of three months.

The giant Shenzen (to south of China), under pressure, could accelerate the development of his own exploitation system, which he has been studying since 2012, according to press reports.

Android said it would continue for the time being making security updates. But in the long term, Huawei phones could be threatened by lack of security and obsolescence, unable to use the latest versions of applications such as Gmail or Google Maps.


Huawei admitted that he was working on an alternative system. "We are preparing for this, if we had to give the best to use these systems [como Android], we have to be very armed " tRichard Yu, general manager of the group's consumer products department, explained in an interview in March with the German newspaper Die Welt.

"Our plan B. But of course, we would prefer to work collaboratively with Google and Microsoft ecosystems", he stressed.

This is the Huawei platform, which is currently in development in its beta version and its call.Hongmeng","Will gradually replace Android ” t, the official Chinese newspaper Global Times said on Monday, quoting the local press.

"Extremely difficult"

Huawei it was always wise, as the development of a whole system of exploitation with the whole ecosystem that accompanies it, to attract users and developers, is extremely complex.

In addition to Google's Android, the other extended exploitation system is Apple iOS, which is only available in the brand products.

Microsoft tried to launch a mobile version of its famous Windows in 2010, but managed to offer it on their own phones. The Windows Phone was unsuccessful and Microsoft left the adventure in 2017.

In relation to the “duty free” system t Tizen developed by Samsung, remains confidential.

The challenge, according to experts, is that it takes years to gain the trust of smart phone manufacturers and developers applications so that they adopt their programs to the new system, so that users are fascinated from the end with a varied offer.

The incentive system of exploitation "is effective and successful is extremely difficult," insists that Ryan Whale, from the University of Hong Kong Law and Technology Center.

Huawei will be pressed down by “competition disadvantage”, as its market competitors will continue to use Android, he added.

Ultimately you can count on other Chinese manufacturers, such as Oppo or Xiaomi, to adopt it.

But without access to the full version of Android, Google services, and the many applications available at Google Play store, the Chinese giant could find it hard to persuade consumers outside China to buy their phones.

The manufacturer existed, especially in Europe, thanks to his tools' perfecting, being praised for his photographic functions.

Huawei "knew very well that one should like telecommunications […] to manage the main technologies ", it is shown to the AFP Wong Kam Fai, professor of Chinese Hong Kong University.

"They already have their system, but they're not ready to spread it."

(Source: AFP)

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