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How to prevent WhatsApp from deleting your conversations after November 12? | Technology and science Social Networks


From November 12, WhatsApp will delete photos, videos and messages from Android devices They are on your platform with the goal of cleaning your service. In this way, if you have not made a backup in the last 12 months, you will lose your information.

This is due to an agreement between WhatsApp and Google that allows multimedia messages and content to be stored in the last storage service without using space in the Google user account, as it has been so far.

However, the answer to this problem is very easy and is available to anyone, everything you have to do is Create a backup by following these steps:

1. Open WhatsApp and go to Menu / Installations / Chat

2. Then click on "Backup"

3. Now, select the "Save to Google Drive" option and select the frequency you want to make backups

4. Select the Google account that you want to use to save your copy. If you do not have one, press the "Add account" option

5. Finally, press "Save"

IPhone users do not need to do any procedure, as WhatsApp has an agreement with Apple that already allows customers to save their data in the cloud service offered by iCloud.

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