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Y cholesterol There is a kind of natural fat that is necessary for the formation of fat acids, fat digestion and the formation of hormone and thyroid hormones, but when it accumulates more than the forms of hard plaques of the walls and arteries; n prevent blood circulation and block the ships.

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When you are high cholesterol there is a danger of suffering cardiovascular diseases which can cause a heart attack and a stroke. One of the risks of high cholesterol is, in general, that there are no symptoms of this condition and that the patient does not realize that something is wrong with their health.

It should be noted that there are two types of colester cholester:

Cholesterol dao & name HDL or high intensity: this is responsible for transporting fats to the liver. The recommended level of this type of cholesterol in the blood should be more than 35 mg / dl.

Poor cholesterolo & name LDL or low intensity: this includes liver fat to the rest of the body. The level of this cholesterol in the blood should not exceed 130 mg / dl, in case there is no medical history of coronary heart disease. If yes, it is recommended to be 100 mg / ml.

When someone has 300 mg / dl of LDL in the blood, there are xanthomas, nodules of fat accumulated under the skin or xanthomas, yellow spaces that appear in the inner corner of the eyelid and & # 39 ; r tendons.

The symptoms you have high cholesterol are:

Fall in extremities and numbness
Slip and lose balance
A vivid vision
Poen and Frest
Failure to walk or do any physical activity
Belching or gas
More appetite to sleep than usual
Cold sweat
Headache and migraine

To reduce cholesterol you must eat healthy, follow exercise control and go to your doctor for more recommendations.

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