Tuesday , July 5 2022

Gray, the artistic and minimalist Spanish game, has released its release date for Nintendo Switch and PC


A few months ago, we made a presentation for a video game that has called our attention too much. Take artistic elements of different games like Journey or movies like The Holy Spirit, The Gray It offers an indie of Nomada Studio, Spanish Developer. Its special relevance is in the graphic and sound section that has worked perfectly: a full world of pastel colors and a melancolactic soundtrack that accompanies the path of overcoming little chaos to happiness.

We will start in a gray scenario, but that change will depend on our emotions and where the music will have a revealing and appropriate tone. Its colorful colors transfer serenity, reinforced by a stimulating sound track and a liquid play style with known platform gaming mechanics.

Well, Nintendo has confirmed the exact date of the advent of this interesting video game to the Switch hybrid console and, therefore, to every computer. Gray will arrive on December 13 at a cost of $ 15.

For a long time there is a debate that turns around videogames: if these were also considered art? The argument has points for and against, but many of them can not doubt about the beauty in graphics, sound tracks or narratives.

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