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Game 8×06 Trojan: what happened at the end with Jon Snow's Thrones Game? Surgery and deportation. T Death of Daenerys Targaryen | Night Guard and Wall | Game of Thrones FINAL | Television | Series


What happened at the end with Jon Snow's Game of Thrones? | BEWARE, ALERT SPOILER. In the end, it was not of great importance that the great revelation of its origin Targaryen and Stark. Only the sacrifice he had to make to save the kingdom from new tyranny in the last episode of "Game Thrones"("Game of throne"in Spanish).

Jon Snow he had to take the throne, he had to lead the Seven Kingdoms (Seven Kingdoms), but instead he was banned once he lost what he liked most in the world. After all, he killed himself Daenerys Targaryen, the 'Mad Queen', the Targaryen girl who returned many years later to Westeros (Westeros) to defeat the Iron Throne, though nothing it was only for a few hours. His reign was extinguished before he could occupy the place where he always believed him.

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Starting the last episode of "Game Thrones"Jon Snow couldn't believe what Daenerys did in Landing King." Thousands died. The city had almost disappeared. The queen had become something she hated all her life and had sworn an oath. But even so he decided to stay on his side, Jon decided to convince himself and justify his queen, his aunt and her boyfriend, however he fell Lannister's Turns reasons deeper to his head.

Daenerys had ordered the arrest of his hand for betrayal and knowing that the last Lannister would be executed, Jon chose to chat with him, knowing that only Tyrians might hear the truth.

And indeed. Turns told him not to be afraid that it was wrong that the last queen who had sworn to defend was the last threat to the queen, and no matter how much she loved her, she should stop Daenerys from suffering; release & # 39; the continent's cities, including Winterfell (Winterfell), where the Starks had no plans to rejoin the kingdom. Jon had to act for his sisters, but also for himself. Tyrion believed that Daenerys could kill him as a threat to his ambitions. Another Targaryen could not be a succession line.

"Sometimes the death of love is a duty"said Crowds. And Jon understood.

Jon Daenerys later discovered what the throne room was and tried to reason with her. He tried to make him understand that he had behaved like the worst tribute that had ever been born in the world, but he thought he had done the right thing. Cersei Lannister killed the girls, the children, the elders, who died under her lifetime, not her. For 'Dany &'; there was no room for mercy according to his concept of the world and he had to emulate the same thing in the rest of the forts. It had to be released; the people, whether that meant killing many innocent people. Jon then made a decision.

Daenerys pressed him to stay at her side and Jon, having assured her that she would always be his queen, gave him one last passionate kiss before piercing him with a dagger through his belly, when his lips were still there. glued.

In the rain of ash, Daenerys Targaryen's life was turned off in the coat of arms of the man she loved. He never sat on the throne. His dream was over when he thought he had arrived.

Dead Daenerys, Drogon soon appeared on Jon and melted the Iron Throne. He took Dany's body and got lost in the air. Nobody has seen him again since.


The death of Daenerys is one of the best of the fans after the end of the series, which has also created a discontent for many of the followers. However, there was a character that everyone praised for his behavior: Drogon.

The dragon 's chainbreaker was saved; of criticism because his actions seem to be understood and defended. Why?

When Jon realizes that Daenerys is a danger to the world, he decides to kill him with a dagger in front of the Iron Throne. Drogon sees the death of his mother and when everyone thought he would be revenge and killing Jon Snow, he shows common sense better than the rest of the characters: rather than releasing his anger against a murderer t his mother, he directed his last flame against the real enemy: that the Iron Throne that had released power madness in his mother, until he had completely blended. Understand that that is the real killer of the Targaryen.

After doing so, collect Khaleesi's dead body and fly towards the horizon.


After the queen's murder, nobles chose the most powerful houses at Westeros a new king, Bran Stark on the advice of Tyrion Lannister himself, who became his Hand. However, Jon could not be saved.

Because the Unsullied wanted justice for their queen, Jon Snow could not be saved by the new king than his sisters. The only option that Gray Gray met with her army was Jon's exile, sent to join again with Night's Watch. I would never inherit anything. I would never have children. He would spend the rest of his life on the Wall.

After receiving his sentence, Jon said farewell to his brothers -Bran remained king of the Six Kingdoms, Sansa as the Queen in the North and left Arya to find new adventures – and joined the guard, where he met old friends.

The disgust he followed at one time was waiting for him. Tormund and Ghost too, so at the end "Game Thrones", Jon left the last castle of the Night's Watch to turn our kind of guide for men for free. It's not known if forever, it's known that it has lost t himself beyond the Wall with the people he most noted with them, he lost everything in the world, but won something at the end.King beyond the Wall?



Harington Package, the actor who played Jon Snow's " tGame Thrones"I was aware that the end of the series, and especially the time that Daenerys experienced last season, was going to generate many responses from the fans, so he sent a message in a recent interview published shortly after the end of the series. # 39;Game of throne# 39;

"I know it will share you," Harington said in an interview with But if you go through the story from the start to the end, she's doing terrible things, crucifying people, people who are burning our lives. … ", reminds the translator, who also ensured that evolution 'Mother of the Dragons'; "has been built" throughout the series.

"It will be controversial, but this series doesn't do anything that isn't genuine and compatible with its characters, and when you saw a woman interpreting a dictator?" It came to the conclusion.


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