Sunday , December 5 2021

Five bridges are restored in the Piura region


The five pontiffs of the Canchaque area, located in the province of Huancabamba, the Piura region, which co-ordinate their villages with the capital of the province, are reconstructed simultaneously, having reported the Authority for Imaging with Changes (ARCC).


During a visit to oversee the progress of work on the bridges of Pusmalca, Hualcatal, Santa Rosa, La Afiladera and Quebrada Onda, ARCC officials checked that heavy machinery works on each of the five interventions.

According to the ARCC, all road infrastructure is reconciled with the change element: it will support heavy cargo traffic so that farmers can take out their product.

The Pusmalca bridge, for example, was previously destroyed by the river flow increase of the same name, started by the El Niño phenomenon, in small road infrastructure, but of important importance because it is the one that gives Access to the largest number of villages (8) and two regions: Lalaquiz and Bigote.


The ARCC fulfills its role of replacing the damaged infrastructure by the Cosmetic El Niño 2017 phenomenon with the change of work element.

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