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Filtered Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; completely! Summary of all discharges Post-credit views | ALERTYN SPOILER | Gokú Freezer | Vegetables | Anime


One or two days ago there was a special screening for a lucky bit of tape Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39;, the great installment of Akira Toriyama. There's a lot of discretion, as information is available in Aberystwyth Facebook from the whole plot. Even he even talks about a retro credit scene pretty disclosed.

The security used by Toei for transferring the movie was secret, as the seiyuus invitation and some Japanese journalists were completely, so there was no image of Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; so if you're expecting anything, we need to tell you that this job is not for you.

On the other hand, we must tell you that the information you are about to read is provided by Ken Xyro, one of the most respected sources in the world of Dragon Ball & # 39; which usually hit these types of Spoilers.

Without further involvement, here we are going: POSSIBLE POSSIBLE AUTHORITY!

We will try to summarize it as much as possible so that you will not fill in the spiders and be maladressing & # 39; the whole movie. The movie starts with the appearance of Frieza on the Vegita planet, where he would start his plan with the genocide that is already known to everyone (the explosion with supernova). This is where Bardock, a Goku father who is already smelling; what the tyrant was plotting.

It is also revealed that the plan was to erase this planet by creating a threat to Frieza. Through scouts, every warrior born with a power of more than 2000 would be engraved. This was the case Broly and where King Vegeta, on learning Frieza's intentions, had crossed egos and sent to the Vampa planet, followed by a pair after a few minutes before the Vegita planet exploded.

After this, see images from Goku leaving and we're transferring to the current, where everyone gets lunch in Bulma's house after the power tournament with the dragonballs on the one side; However, realize that Goten and Trunks felt one was missing, and it's all that everyone started the journey to the snow place that could be seen in the developments.

Once here, Goku Feels someone's presence is very strong and yes, that's what you think, Broly, who had just arrived at the place and not just him, but also Frieza (remember, after the Power Tournament, he recovers his life and continues to seek slaughter Goku, Vegetate all the things that pose a threat to it as Broly); however, Paragus sends his son to fight Z & # 39 warriors; and here the tense of the whole movie starts.

The fighting is a living fire & # 39; and that the first to fall is Vegeta, they could not do anything before power Broly but Goku, with the super blue saiyan, it has against the ropes & # 39; to him. Frieza sees this and has a flash how Goku was transformed into super saiyan 1 in Namekusei, who exploded Krillin as this, as he wanted to kill two birds with one stone, decided Do the same and Get the best out of Broly. The victim? His father, Paragus, who Frieza is murdering and inconvenient is unacceptable 100% super sayayin (ie, it is not mentioned at any time that he is the super legendary saiyan or something similar).

Broly starts fighting with Goku leaving our warrior Z & # 39; Dearly lying on earth completely hurts and is overcome by what he thinks about escaping from there. Here's a spot where Piccolo appears and communicates completely with Goku to encourage him that he needs it, this is where our main assistantist takes Vegeta and they leave the place to Piccolo and when this happens, what was a place from The Snow is transformed into total slaughter chaos and explosions everywhere while Frieza is tortured by Broly himself.


Once with Piccolo, they went to the place where Kamisama, Bulma and others thought about how they could defeat Broly. Goku suggest the merger. Vegeta completely rejects the execution of actions, but Bulma makes her see a reason and the prince agrees but raised a problem that they could not do because the steps & It's going to be perfect.

Up to three occasions Goku and Vegeta tries to unite, and not up to the fourth when they get it; The first time they will lead to a Gogeta fat version, the second in a thin version, and the third in intermediate that does not become perfect. In the fourth, both achieve a transformation, and appear on the scene the famous and unknown Gogeta we all know goes to the battle.

Once this arrives, Frieza, who had transformed it into its Golden form, ran to a ship and escaped the space. This is where the source indicates that the dimensions are broken & # 39; (we do not really understand what he is referring to) and start the final battle between Gogeta de Broly while everything in its path is destroyed.

Broly it's got the biggest power and goes out of control, leaving the shock of the warriors Z & # 39; who was in the place where Whis reaches some time in the situation. Broly sees her and starts throwing blasts to the left and right that is being avoided by the angel without problems until she laughed. Subsequently, Gogeta He has become Super Saiyan Blue and is beginning to take control of the battle and when he was about to launch his final assault, Broly disappeared.

Chelye (who is sympathizing with her Broly since he has met her on the Vampa planet) he strives to join Shenron and rescue the warrior by asking the dragon to be deported back to home screen after collection & # 39 ; The Dragon Balls and ask Shen Long for the long awaited desire.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; ends with Frieza's image looking at the brightness of Shen Long and waiting for a wish, and here is that he wants to be senior even though Kikono, one of her closer and vice directors, says With it, in the second and the third form a freezer strikes his head, and also wishes to be his final form.


This is the end of the movie and credits where I thank the audience for attending the show, but what is not expected by anyone Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; You have a retro credit scene that we will tell you next.

In a specific part of the tape, Goku say that "Broly it was not bad, he did not feel any bad ki and it did not control it ", so he's going to visit him on the planet where Broly and when they meet, the Sayayin gives him a Bulma capsule, and once it is activated, he creates a whole house with plenty of food and talks with Broly, staying like friends & # 39; at the end and when he leaves the place with Whis, he accepts himself as Sayayin and he was named in Kakaroto & # 39;

On the other hand, consider the description of the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; She has some mistake and we have also summarized all the tape so you can enjoy the best way in the cinema.

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