Wednesday , July 6 2022

Explain rumors! Aracely Arámbula refused to have confirmed Luis Miguel's mother's death Photo 1 of 5 | Shows | International Shows


At its latest meeting with the Mexican press, the actor Aracely Arámbula dismissed his supposition for a supposed death Marcela Basteri, the mother of his ex-partner, the famous singer Luis Miguel, and the grandchildren of the two children he had with him.

Remember that the specifications occurred after Arámbula published photos on Instagram about what she offered for Day of the Dead, where Marcela Basteri and the deceased father of El Sol de México & # 39; seems, Luisito Rey.

Arámbula expressed his anger with the Mexican press and spread "yellow news" about alleged death of the progenitor Luismi. The figure also stated that "" does not correspond to me (talk about the noise.) Go and ask the people who have to answer. "


"She's my kids' grandmother and we always have a beautiful memory, her picture is always in my house every day and with my kids … we always want her to be healthy, to be alive "he said.

Marcela Basteri disappeared from the life of the Digital Interpreter & # 39; when he was just a child. She has never been seen yet and guess she has died. Even the singer himself has not talked about it.


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