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Dragon’s Super Ball: release date of chapter 67, fall Moro | Dragon Dance Anime Manga | Mexico PLAY SPORTS


Dragon’s Super Ball It’s not finished. When the movie Broly was released, some fans thought it was the definitive end of the anime and manga, but Toyotaro was surprised with the announcement of the Galactic Patrol saga.

This new saga introduces Moro as the villain, who can absorb the energy of the planets and their inhabitants to become stronger. Once again, Goku and Vegeta will fight together to save Universe 7.

In chapter 66 we saw how the Saiyans joined forces to cut the pearl from Moro’s forehead. Only then would he lose Merus’ power according to Whis, the angel’s calculations.

With the power split of the spirit, Vegeta manages to collect the ki of many fighters and gives it to Goku to use Ultra Instinct once again. Thanks to this action the main character took his best power to a new level.

Can’t you wait any longer to know the outcome of this story? Well, Dragon Ball Super has already defined the publication dates of the remaining episodes of the current saga.

Here is the release schedule for the next five episodes of the manga.

  • Chapter 66: November 20
  • Chapter 67: December 21
  • Chapter 68: January 20
  • Chapter 69: February 19
  • Chapter 70: March 18
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