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Dragon Ball Super, Broly: Introducing the second on the film in Spanish [VIDEO]


November 13, 2018 22:45 p.m.

And Mexico Mario Chestnut grove The previous week introduced the new Latin Spanish priority of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which will be broadcast all over the world on December 14.

The new tape of Goku and his friends will turn around the origins of the three Saiyajínes, who will have a leading role in this survival of this race of powerful warriors.

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The story of Broly, Goku and Vegeta

In Dragon Ball Super, Goku showed all his power to reach Ultra Instinct, a high level of fighting that Vegeta, the prince of the Saiyajin could reach.

Broly It did not appear in this saga that had 131 chapters and, instead, known first in the Dragon Ball Z movie: It's burning! Great fierce, extreme and woody battle.

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In this movie, you will know that Broly Hates i Goku from her birth due to her baby herds, it was unbearable.

Broly's second appearance was there Dragon Ball Z: A dangerous duo! Warriors warriors never sleep, also known Broly's return.

The warrior sleeps under the ice and he woke up by Goan's crying. This together with Thunks and Goku himself measure their forces before Broly with overwhelming energy.

Broly's last intervention is Dragon Ball Z: Winners of War Wins! The victory will only be for me, tape and turning for the criticism are a failure, as the saiyajín warrior does not own a figure and attitude to fear.

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