Friday , August 19 2022

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Y exchange rate The dollar rose slightly on Wednesday during a mixed flow in the face of expectations of the departure of trade conflicts between United States a China; while the global dollar weakening and price copr touch a maximum of seven months.

► The FED warning promotes copper up to seven weeks maximum
► Gold goes up and closes the fourth month of earnings after issuing the FED
► FED says that the debate over raising US rates has "weakened"

Y dollar price 0.03% won 3,318 / 3,319 soles y dollar compared to 3,316 / 3,317 soles on Tuesday, with business for around $ 542 million.

However, the Peruvian currency accumulates in advance of 1.48% compared to dollar So far this year, a significant improvement compared to a 4.05% reduction last year.

At the Tuesday session, the dollar has risen to S / 3,323; and a lower price was S / 3,312.

Operators said that the fall of the Peruvian currency The proposal was counteracted by dollars of local companies searching for soles to pay their taxes.

In the external subject, the the global price of the dollar has fallen against a future reference basket of money and the future price copr Prices reach seven-month highlights, with support from the market fear against low lists before the expected increase in demand China.

Y exchange rate The informal sector in Lima was operating at 3,322 / 3,323 dollar provision, compared to 3,320 / 3,321 closed on Tuesday.

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